If you need face masks, get ready to head to your local Costco!

Costco sell everything, including disposable face masks.

Costco sells almost everything you could want or need… and now they are also selling something you might not want, but probably need, face masks.

Photo of cloth face masks sold at Costco, Courtesy of Costcoguy4u on Instagram

In some Costco warehouses, you can purchase red, black, or blue non-medical face coverings for adults that are machine washable. There is a limit of 5 per household.

Not all Costco’s have these in stock, but if you see them you might want to grab them as it does not appear that masks are going away any time soon.

A box of 3 reusable face masks for adults will run you around $9.59 (prices vary by location). That means each mask is just $3.20 not bad at all!

I love that Costco is helping make it easy for families to follow CDC guidelines by selling washable face coverings.

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