These Personalized Mask Chains Help Your Child Hold Onto Their Face Mask

Back to school in many districts is going to involve masks for in-person learning.

We’ve found tons of cute, kid themed masks to help your kids choose ones they can wear. Target has extra soft Cat & Jack masks available in two-packs. Carter’s has one from their brand for kids. Crayola offers 5-packs of masks so your kids can wear a different one each day of the week. Even Nickolodeon is launching a line of masks with your favorite Nick shows and characters.

But one of the problems with wearing masks is keeping those masks clean. Masks should not be placed on the ground, in desks, or crumpled up in backpacks. One potential solution? Personalized mask straps, necklaces or lanyards!

Courtesy of InyShop on Etsy

Etsy has tons of cute designs available, and these beaded, personalized mask chains here are some of our favorites.

Each of these mask chains features brightly colored beads, personalized name beads, a gummy bear charm, and small clips that hook to the ear loops of the mask. As one review states, these chains will become cute necklaces when masks are no longer needed as the ear loop clips can hook together.

Courtesy of InyShop on Etsy

It’s a great way to help your child keep track of their mask, as the mask will stay attached to the lanyard, even when not being worn. And, it’s one more way to keep items that touch your child’s face from touching the floor or other surfaces.

These beaded mask straps are available at Here on Etsy for $10.

Courtesy of InyShop on Etsy

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