People Are Making Masks and Hanging Them On Trees For Free To Share With Their Community

With many cities now requiring a face mask while out and about shopping right now, many people are searching for masks. Buying online isn’t feasible for everyone and there are people who are helping out in a generous way!

During a time when many people have margin to be creative and helpful, they are stepping up and sewing masks. With hundreds of free patterns online, many are making (and some selling) masks for friends and family.

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A new way to help others, besides making and selling masks, is popping up. People are using social media and neighborhood email groups to gift masks to each other. My favorite way that people are sharing is a Mask Tree. 

Courtesy of Deb Siggins

Some giving individuals have gotten really creative and are giving away homemade masks by placing them outside on a tree, hanging and free for the taking. 

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An 83 yr old in Texas, started this Mask Tree in her front yard as a way of helping her neighbors. She posted on social media for all to see that they are free for those who need one. 

Courtesy of Preston Hollow

The size of the tree isn’t important, it’s the size of the heart that is giving away masks to help protect neighbors and even strangers.

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Want to start your own Mask Tree? You can, and we have a tutorial on how to make masks that can help.

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