This cat steals money and give it to the homeless! It’s like this cat is the modern day Robin Hood, kind of. But this cat from Tulsa helps take care of the poor by stealing money and then his owner donates it. I think this is such a cute story that ends with a good deed done by the cutest cat. You have to check it out.

cat steals money to give to the homeless video- cat holding a dollar bill up - Kids Activities Blog
It was the right thing to do…

Cat Steals Money To Give To The Poor

If you’re ever in the Tulsa area…

…you should make it a point to visit Third and Kenosha during your visit. There you’ll find the GuRuStu Advertising agency, home of Sir Whines A Lot, the “Cashnip Kitty.”

Cat stealing money to give to homeless- GuRuStu Advertising agency, home of Sir Whines A Lot, the "Cashnip Kitty."
The Cashnip Kitty!

Sir Whines A Lot Became Their Official Office Cat

Sir Whines A Lot got his name because, well, he’s a whiner. The agency brought him in as their official ‘office cat’ and pretty soon noticed dollar bills on the floor every morning when they’d open shop.

Cat stealing money to give to homeless- cat laying on a couch on a home setting
Napping is important!

People Used Dollars To Try To Attract Sir Whines A Lot

Turns out, people were using the dollars to try to attract Sir Whines A Lot, and he, in turn, would snatch the money right from their hands. As word got out about this furry felon, more and more people stopped by to see him in action.

Cat stealing money to give to homeless- cat sitting looking out the window
Relaxation is important!

It Was A Wonderful Way To Receive Donations For The Homeless

Stu, the head of GuRuStu, thought it was hilarious and thought it was a fantastic way to receive donations for the homeless. Now several hundreds of dollars have been donated, thanks to Sir Whines A Lot, to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless.

Cat stealing money to give to homeless- cat with money scattered all over the floor
That is a lot of cash, kitty!

As for Sir Whines A Lot? He’s become so popular he even has his own Facebook page now! Take a look!

Video of Tulsa’s Cashnip Kitty

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What do you think about this cat “stealing” money for the homeless? Do you love Sir Whines A Lot?

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