Have you ever used essential oils in a bath? If not, you’re missing out. Not only can essential oils help you relax with aromatherapy, but it can be good for your skin. So, it’s time to use essential oils in a bath! You deserve some me time to relax. Plus, it can also help kids relax too if they’re overly tired, sick, etc. But how do you use essential oils safely in a bath? We got you!

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These are some safe ways to use essential oils in the bath.

Essential Oils In A bath

Are you looking to give yourself a home spa treatment using some drops of essential oil? Although essential oils can help relax you during your warm bath, it’s important to keep in mind some basic safety tips. Here’s what you should know about using essential oils in the bath.

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Using Essential Oils in the Bath

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We’ve used bath bombs, but have you tried them with some essential oils?

A hot bath — or even better, a bubble bath — after a long day sounds like the best way to end a day, doesn’t it? It’s my personal favorite way to relax my sore muscles and get some quiet me-time. The only that could make this relaxing soak better are some bath bombs, some nice sweet treats, and my favorite essential oil blend. That’s how you get a nice, restful sleep.

Essential oils can help provide great health benefits, however, it is important to know how to use them correctly to avoid an adverse reaction, especially if you have sensitive skin. Many bath products have a lot of chemicals that might not be good for us which makes a small amount of essential oils a great alternative for people that prefer natural remedies.

When looking for the best essential oils for the bath, there are some things to consider to make sure you are getting the best out of them. For starters, it’s important to use high-quality essential oils. Our favorite oil brand is Young Living as they carry many different types of essential oils that are authentic and pure. If you have any health concerns, it’s best to contact your healthcare provider.

Let’s take a look at bath safety when using essential oils.

Choose the right essential oils for your bath.

essential oils in a bath- 3 brown bottles with lavender flowers- kids activities blog
There are many safe essential oils to use like: lavender, myrrh, roman chamomile, and frankincense.

It’s important to make sure that you choose essential oils which can be applied topically when you include them in your bath water. The last thing you want to do is add essential oils that can cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. Some of the essential oils that you will definitely want to avoid using due to this reason include peppermint, ginger, and black pepper.

Be sure to dilute essential oils before adding them to your bath.

It’s best to mix a few drops of your essential oil with one or two tablespoons of a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. This will help ensure that you’re not using too much of the essential oil. It is also a great way to ensure that the essential oil gets evenly dispersed throughout your bath water and you get all of the therapeutic benefits of your oils.

essential oils in a bath- Image shows the faucet in a bathtub. Text reads "Using Essential Oils in the Bath"- kids activities blog
Your next bath will be incredible!

Best Essential Oils To Add To Your Bath

These are just some of our favorite essential oils for baths:

  • Lavender – Known for its soothing effects, lavender essential oil also helps with muscle pain relief and combat stress and fatigue.
  • Chamomile – Helps ease skin conditions like eczema and rashes
  • Rose – Helps relieves stress, relaxes body and mind, and slowly relaxes muscles.

A good idea to take your bath to the next level is to add a few cups of Epsom salts to your bath to soften dry skin and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Avoid using essential oils for small children

If your child is under two, you will want to avoid using essential oils in their bath. Once your child is old enough, be sure to use kid-friendly essential oils, such as:

Additionally, you will also want to use less of them. Double check with your child’s pediatrician before you consider an essential oil bath.

Talk to your doctor if you’re pregnant.

Certain essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy. While it may be safe to bathe with them, it’s generally recommended that you use half the amount or follow children’s guidelines. Talk to your OBGYN to find out for sure.  

essential oils in a bath- brown bottle and clear bottle with essential oils surrounded by flowers- kids activities blog
There are essential oils that you can use in a bath and ones that aren’t safe.

Remember that essential oils are flammable.

If you like to light candles to create a relaxing bath time experience, you will want to avoid using essential oils at the same time.

Be careful if you add essential oils to your shampoo.

You may have heard that essential oils, such as tea tree oil, provide effective ways to help treat dandruff. If you’re planning to add essential oils to your shampoo, be careful not to get any into your eyes.

These are just some tips for using essential oils safely in the bath. Although essential oils can make for a relaxing experience, you will want to keep all of these safety tips in mind!


Now that you know how to safely use essential oils in the bath, which essential oils are you going to try next time you bathe?

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