This little baby feels the same way about waking up that we all do…

Not great. I’ve never been a morning person, but those mornings where I Have to be up at a certain time are the absolute worst. Still, I’m an adult and at least I can drink coffee to help get me going. Poor Chloe doesn’t have that option, and she seems to know it. When mom tries to get baby Chloe up to go to church, it becomes really clear really fast that Chloe is NOT a morning person and if there was a snooze alarm anywhere to be found, she’d definitely be hitting it!

It’s okay, Chloe…we all feel for you. There are mornings where we leave our smiles in bed, too. But don’t worry, kiddo…in eighteen or so years you can have ALL the coffee you want and then, at least, getting out of bed won’t be quite so bad.

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