Get ready to get some holiday shopping done early! Costco Is Selling American Girl Doll Kits for Less Than $100 and you won’t want to pass this up!

Yesterday I received my monthly Costco Member-Only Savings Mailer and as I always do, I browse the upcoming deals and that is when I saw it… an American Girl Doll Kit for less than $100!

Now, if you are just getting into American Girl Doll or have a little girl you should know, these dolls are NOT cheap.

Plus, you have to typically buy the doll and accessories separatly which makes them even more expensive.

I just did a quick Google search for one of the accessories, the Butterfly Backpack and look, it is $45 alone!

The Costco American Girl WellieWishers Doll with Butterfly Backpack Set comes with:

  • 18″ Doll
  • Butterfly Backpack
  • Doll Sleeping Bag, Pajama Set and Slippers
  • 2 Cocoa Mugs and Popcorn Bowl

All for $99.99 – less than $100! I did the math for you and if you were to go to the American Doll website and buy all of these items separately, you’d pay:

  • $60 for the WellieWishers Doll
  • $45 for Butterfly Backpack
  • $15 for the Sleeping Bag
  • $20 for the Pajama Set and Slippers
  • $30 for the Cocoa Mugs and Popcorn Bowl

That equals $170 which makes this Costco deal an insane DEAL!

The doll also comes in several different looks and styles so you can get one that fits your daughter’s look and taste.

Hurry before these are gone because they are limited and only available while supplies last!

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  1. FYI Wellie Wishers aren’t 18″ dolls, they’re 14.5″ and made for younger children. They retail for $60, not the $120 like the 18″ AG dolls.