Do you have a young reader who loves American Girl? You can now download and read several American Girl books each week.
Courtesy of American Girl
Libraries might not be open right now, but that doesn’t mean that your kiddos have to stop reading their favorite books. There are lots of places you can purchase books online, but companies are stepping up and offering FREE downloads as well.  American Girl offers several different types of books. You can choose from mystery, self care, history, and even just fun adventure. They are offering a few titles each week for download.  Most American Girl books are full of life skills/lessons that can help your daughter grow in specific areas. The body, feelings, and money related content has been used for many years to help girls understand changes, and challenges they may someday face. Some of the books also come with a teacher guide that you can use for extra opportunities for learning.  American Girl books are fun reads for young readers, but also very educational.  If you have an American Girl fan in your house, make sure you check our post about a new doll they just released with rainbow hair! 


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