Add bling to play dough and make it shine.  Here are a few fun things for kids to add to play dough.  Kids Activities Blog loves finding ways to create new and exciting ways to use everyday play dough for kids.

Make your kids play dough super shiny with these fun ideas!

Make It Shine

Our kids love things that shine and glow… They also love play dough.   My makeup drawer happened to have a cracked eyeshadow canister.   It’s time to bring some life to old eyeshadow.   It’s time to create a batch of super shiny play dough – it’s time to bring some glow to our dough and make it shine!

We grabbed a canister of play dough that was close to the color of our makeup.     The kids enjoyed rolling the dough in the clumps of powder.   My, oh, my!   The finished product was gorgeous play dough.   The kids just loved how it shimmered.   This dough would be terrific as a gift. Related: 20 Sparkly Glitter Crafts

Super Shiny Play Dough!  Here are fun ways to make it shine This play dough has “bling”!

Play Dough

Other things you can use to upscale or add some sparkle and shimmer to your   play dough for gifts:
  • Glitter – use different sizes fine glitter has a completely different look from the coarser or bigger glitter flecks.
  • Small beads – push beads into dough and dig them back out again.
  • Sequins – decorate a lump.
  • Markers.   Draw on your dough – it’s a fun way to bring life and brighten dough.   It also helps kids who are learning to write.
  • Demerara Sugar – This sugar has a really big grain, making it the perfect “Edible glitter” for playdough that young tots will be enjoying.

Fun Play Dough for Kids: Make is Shine!

More Kids Activities

Take your ordinary play dough and make it shine.  How have you added bling to your play dough??  For more awesome kids activities with play dough, take a moment and look at these great ideas:

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  1. I am wondering if the make up makes a mess every time the kids play with it or is it only when you are actually making it?

  2. Oh I have some old eye shadows in my drawer! Have been thinking about throwing them away but now I use your idea to re-use my eye shadows! 🙂 Great!

  3. WOW, I have to say, I have neverrrr seen This idea!! The Best part is my LO lovessss playing with make-up this is a perfect reason to allow her! She’s going to light up with joy when I hand her the eye shimmer!!!
    Happy Holidays
    and thank you for always
    bringing many creative ideas for us!
    Jeanine, Canada

  4. I love your shiny play dough. Your pictures of shimmering shiny dough would make any child want to reach through the screen and play with it! Please stop by and link this to Artsy Play Wednesday.