We are crazy over all these Lego ideas!  I’ve got container after container full of Lego’s at my house that my kids could be using in so many fun ways.

I had no idea all of the ways we could put our Lego’s to work besides just building. Here is our huge collection of awesome things you can do with your Lego’s.

75 Amazing LEGO Ideas for Kids

75+ Fun Lego Ideas

LEGOs are so much fun, and it turns out they’re super versatile. From crafts, activities, to learning, and even snacks we have all the LEGO fun gathered! I won’t lie some of these ideas I am excited to try, particularly the LEGO storage ideas. A lot of these LEGO crafts and activities are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even older kids like other elementary school aged kids. There are even a few for adults!

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LEGO Crafts

DIY LEGO Picture Frame - What a cool photo gift for Mother's Day! Spells out mom with kids pictures in the middle
How sweet is this LEGO picture frame?

1. LEGO Picture Frames

Need a gift and on a budget? Then make these super cute LEGO picture frames!

2. Duplo Printing

Want more fun things to do with LEGO? Use your LEGOs as stamps. Using LEGOs and paint you can make very unique art.

3. LEGO Painting For Preschoolers

This is a perfect way to use your LEGOs. Grab your LEGOs or Duplos and paint to create amazing art. It is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

4. LEGO Soap

Use your love of LEGO in your decorations with these fun crafts! Get your kids excited about washing their hands by making a Lego Soap dispenser.

5. LEGO T-Shirt

Use LEGOs to decorate and create a super cute and personalized LEGO T-shirt.

Thanksgiving craft for kids using LEGOs and paint
This would make a great fall LEGO craft!

6.LEGO Stamped Corn Craft

Make corn using paper, brown, orange, and yellow pain, and of course LEGOs!

7. Make Your Own LEGO Road

Make a road and city with paper and crayons for your LEGO people and cars.

8. Simple LEGO Printing Art

Grab your tray, paint, raft sticks, glue, LEGOs, and paper to create a work of art!

9. LEGO Earrings

Turn old LEGOs, the small pieces, into earrings! It’s easy!

10. How To Build A LEGO Tree

Want to learn how to build a LEGO tree? It’s super easy!

11. DIY LEGO Pen Holder 

Make this DIY LEGO pen holder for your child’s desk or give it as a gift.

These are the cutest LEGO shirts!

12. DIY LEGO TShirts

Kids love LEGOs? Then they needed these DIY LEGO Tshirts!

13. LEGO Lantern

Using string, LEGOs, and an LED light, you can make your very own lantern! Perfect for exploring the dark!

14. Block Play

Use your blocks and LEGOs to make sparkly and colorful towers!

15. LEGO Coloring Pages

Does your child love coloring? Then check out these 180+ LEGO coloring sheets.

LEGO Activities

Home made Lego instructions - great way to get kids to understand how to teach something they love
Use the LEGO book to recreate the images.

16. Homemade LEGO Instructions

Make a LEGO book that your child can follow to make all sorts of different LEGO constructions.

17. Silly Faces With LEGOs

Make silly faces using LEGOs in with these quick play ideas.

18. LEGO Truck Building Activity

This is a great activity for preschoolers and even kindergarteners. They’ll love this LEGO truck building activity.

19. LEGO Pocket Case

Take your Lego’s on the go and keep your kids engaged and occupied in the car or anywhere else they get a little bored with this Lego Pocket Case.

20. LEGO Wheel Busy Bag

Use LEGO wheels to create this fun and simple busy bag that will keep your toddler or preschooler busy for hours.

20 LEGO Gift Ideas
All of these LEGO gifts are so amazing!

21. Cool LEGO Gifts To Build

Here are some really cool LEGO gifts to build and give to others.

22. Building Challenge

These LEGO building challenges for toddlers and preschoolers are not only fun, but can double as STEM activities.

23. Preschool LEGO Creations Book

Make a LEGO creations book for your toddler and preschooler to recreate with their LEGOs.

24. Funny LEGO Robots

Build LEGO robots and them give them silly faces!

25. LEGO Activity For Toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers can both benefit from this LEGO activity which allows the to practice both hand-eye coordination and even color matching.

Make a Race Track with Legos
Vroom around the LEGO race track.

26. LEGO Race Track

Use your LEGOs to build the most epic race track ever!

27. LEGO Busy Bags

Traveling? Busy? Then you will definitely want to check out how to make this LEGO busy bag.

28. LEGO Challenge: Container

This LEGO challenge requires your little one uses their LEGOs to make a container.

29. LEGO Tea Party

Promote pretend play by having a LEGO tea party.

30. Robot LEGO Designs

Build super cool LEGO robots! Make them big or small.

31. Creation In LEGOs

Learn about God and how He created the world in 7 days using LEGOs.

LEGOQuestII- a monthly Lego challenge for kids

32. Even More LEGO Challenges

Complete all the other LEGO challenges? Here are 250+ more!

33. LEGO Catapult

Um, this LEGO catapult is seriously the coolest thing ever.

34. Get Crazy With LEGO Minis

Get crazy and build and explore using LEGO minis.

Educational LEGO Activities

Learn all about Ancient history with these great books and build your own Lego pyramid
Learn and build with LEGOs!

35. LEGO Pyramids

Learn about ancient history while building a LEGO pyramid!

36. LEGO Science Experiments 

Here are 9 super awesome LEGO science experiments your preschooler or elementary aged child will love.

37. The Giraffe That Walked To Paris LEGO Telling

Retell the story of The Giraffe That Walked To Paris with LEGOs.

38. Free Printable LEGO Learning Activities

Love LEGOS? Need more educational activities for your lesson plan? Here are over 70+ LEGO learning activities.

39. Lego Retelling Of Three Billy Goats Gruff

Use LEGOs to retell the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Lego fractions math tray for kids from And Next Comes L
Learn Fractions with LEGOs!

40. Learn Fractions With LEGOs

Fractions are hard to learn, but make math easy by learning fractions with LEGOs.

41. LEGO Patterns

Learn about colors and patterns using this LEGO patterns busy box.

42. LEGO Alphabet Train

Learn your ABC’s by making a LEGO alphabet train.

43. LEGO Storytelling

Use your LEGOs to tell different stories! Retell a story or make up your own.

44. Simple LEGO Addition 

Use LEGOs and a tray to make this fun and simple LEGO addition lesson.

45. LEGO Story 

Use LEGO sets to tell adventurous stories! It is a great way to promote pretend play.

Goodnight, Gorilla: Building the Story with Lego || A fun and quick game, based on toddlers favorite story
Enjoy LEGO fun and a story!

46. Retell Goodnight, Gorilla Using LEGOs

Retell the story Goodnight, Gorilla using LEGOs. It’s fun and simple to do.

47. Block Patterns With LEGOs

Did you know you can learn about patterns and colors using LEGOs.

48. LEGO MATH: Place Values

Make math super fun by using LEGOs to teach math. Using LEGOs kids can learn about place values.

49. Preschool Science: LEGO Boat

Learn about science by making a LEGO boat and then seeing how far it will float.

50. LEGO Fraction Games

Learn about fractions by using LEGOs to play this fun LEGO fraction games.

Make learning your ABCs fun with Lego letters! These hands-on, free printable, Duplo Alphabet Mats allow children to form uppercase lettesr out of lego bricks and then practice tracing letters too. There is a page for each letter A to Z. Use this lego alphabet with toddler, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders. Simply print pdf file with lego alphabet letters printable and you are ready to play and learn!
Free LEGO Alphabet Mats!

51. Free Printable LEGO Alphabet Mats

Learn your ABC’s using these free printable alphabet mats and LEGOs.

52. LEGO Word Family

Learn about words and spelling with this LEGO word family activity.

53. LEGO Learning 

Use LEGOs to learn math with these hands on activities.

54. LEGO Geometry Riddles

Answer riddles and learn geometry the easy way, with LEGOs.

55. LEGO Multiplication

Learn your multiplication using LEGOs! It’s super easy, and fun.

Learning with Legos: teach sentence structure with this simple sentence activity using Lego Duplo blocks; also work on parts of speech
Learn sentence building with LEGOs!

56. LEGO Sentence Building

Learn how to build proper sentences and the different parts of a sentence using LEGOs.

57. LEGO Upper Case Letters

Learn your upper case letters using LEGOs.

58. Dozen Ways To Learn With LEGOs

Learning more ways to teach with LEGOs? Then you’ll love these 12 ways to learn with LEGOs.

59. LEGO Math Challenge

Ready for a LEGO math challenge? Don’t worry, it’s a lot of fun!

60. DIY LEGO Board Game

Grab your markers and cardboard and LEGOs to make this fun and simple DIY LEGO board game.

61. Building Words With LEGOs

Learning letters and how to spell words is easy when you use LEGOs.

62. L Is For LEGO

Learn about the letter L using LEGOs! Which is perfect considering LEGO starts with L! 

LEGO Games

Open and Closed LEGO Polygon Shapes
Learn about shapes, open, and close, with LEGOs!

63. Open and Closed Polygon Shapes

Turn this fun LEGO lesson into a game where they will not only practice open and closed, but fine motor skills as well as they push the button into open polygons.


Print off this free printable game board to play this super fun LEGO game.

65. LEGO Count and Move

This fun LEGO game doubles as a math game! Practice counting while playing.

66. LEGO Track

Race around on this rainbow LEGO track! Who will win?

67. DIY LEGO Challenge Games

Grab your LEGOs and try out these challenges. Can your child make a go-kart? Robot? Cake? And there are so many more to try.

Lego card holder
I need this LEGO card holder when I play card games.

68. LEGO Card Holder

Playing cards? Have little hands? Make this LEGO card holder to hold all your cards.

69. LEGO Peek-A-Boo

Play peek a boo with your toddler by building with LEGOs and leaving peep holes.

70. Easy LEGO Math Games

Learn and have fun with these easy LEGO math games! Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

71. Encourage Learning With LEGOs

Learning doesn’t have to be hard or tedious, it can be fun, especially when using LEGOs to learn.

72. LEGO Games

Looking for more LEGO games? These LEGO challenge games will have you thinking outside of the box.

Holiday Themed LEGO Crafts

Printable LEGO Valentines

73. DIY LEGO Movie Valentines

These free printable LEGO valentines are so cute and a lot cheaper than store bought Valentine’s day cards.

74. LEGO Birthday Cards

Have a LEGO lover? Is it their birthday? Then make them one of these LEGO birthday cards.

75. LEGO Easter Duck

Make this super sweet LEGO Easter Duck this year and stick it in your little one’s Easter basket.

76. Halloween LEGO Mosaic

Make Halloween LEGO mosaics this year as a fun Halloween activity.

77. Valentine’s LEGO Heart

Celebrate Valentine’s day with your LEGOs to create this silly Valentine heart.

Valentine Idea LEGO Heart Puzzle
What a neat Valentine’s day LEGO puzzle.

78. LEGO Heart Puzzle

Speaking of Valentine’s day! Try making this Valentine’s day LEGO heart puzzle.

79. LEGO Easter Chick

Looking for more things to put in your child’s Easter basket? Then make this LEGO Easter chick and add it.

80. LEGO Snowman Christmas Ornament

Make your very own Christmas ornaments using LEGOs. It looks like a snowman!

81. LEGO Easter Bunny

Your kids will absolutely love this cute LEGO Easter bunny.

82. LEGO Leprechaun Trap

Catch a Leprechaun this St. Patty’s day with this simple LEGO Leprechaun trap.

Build some cute LEGO Easter projects. 3 fun projects that you can really build. 2 LEGO Easter Bunny projects and a LEGO Mosaic Easter Chick.
Make a cute Easter bunny or an Easter chick with LEGOs!

83. Easter LEGO Designs

Use LEGOs to create these super sweet and festive Easter LEGO designs.

84. DIY LEGO Leprechaun Traps

Did your first Leprechaun trap fail? That’s okay, there are many more LEGO Leprechaun trap designs you can try.

85. LEGO Filled Christmas Ornament

These LEGO filled Christmas ornaments are not only cute, but super simple to make.

86. Valentines Day LEGO Graphing

Learn while celebrating Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s day LEGO graphing activity.

87. DIY LEGO Christmas

Build Santa and a Christmas tree complete with presents with these DIY LEGO Christmas instructions.

LEGO Sensory

LEGO Slime Sensory Bins bring a whole new dimension to playing with LEGO. What fun! Click the image to see all of the great bins.
These LEGO slime sensory bins are amazing!

88. LEGO Slime Sensory Bins

Use LEGOs and slime to make super awesome sensory bins that toddlers and preschoolers are sure to love.

89. Slippery LEGO Sensory Play

Play with LEGOs using water beads, spoons, and caps.

90. LEGOs and Playdough

Use LEGOs and playdough as a fun activity to explore not only colors, but textures as well.

91. LEGO Sculptures 

Use playdough and LEGOs to make sculptures. Explore art and texture with this fun LEGO activity.

92. LEGO Play Therapy

Use LEGOs and LEGO people as play therapy to help your child better express what they are feeling.

93. LEGO Bath Activity

Fill the bathtub up and add LEGOs and other fun toys to recreate this LEGO bath activity.

94. Playing With LEGOs In The Bathtub

Make bath time or just water play fun using LEGOs, a colander, and foam.

LEGO Storage

DIY Lego Travel Box
This LEGO travel box is such a great idea.

95. Easy To Make LEGO Travel Box

On the go? No problem! Let your child decorate a wooden box that can fit all their LEGOs in it!

96. Easy Lego Table

Did you know you can make your own easy LEGO table? It’s actually super easy.

97. Mobile LEGO Storage Idea

Need a way to store your LEGOs? You can put them in this really neat mobile LEGO storage idea.

98. LEGO Travel Table

This LEGO travel table is not only a great way to keep your LEGOs together, but a great way to play LEGOs on the go.

99. DIY LEGO Head Storage Container

Store your LEGOs in this DIY LEGO head storage container, it’s super cute and looks like a LEGO miniature.

LEGO table with drawers
I love this LEGO table and storage idea.

100. DIY LEGO Table

Turn an old train table into a simple DIY LEGO table.

101. DIY LEGO Wall

Limited space? You can still make room for organizing, especially with these DIY LEGO walls.

102. DIY Portable LEGO Tray

Got places to be? Wanna play LEGOs in another room? Then you need this DIY portable LEGO tray.

103. LEGO Storage Bucket

You’ll love this easy LEGO storage bucket! Keep your child’s blocks together all in one place.

104. Homemade LEGO Table

This homemade LEGO table is made from a converted light table and it is so cool! Perfect for kids of all ages, even younger kids, and older kids.

Are your LEGOS all over the place? Are you constantly searching for the piece you need? This is the best way to organize LEGOS!
These are the best ways to organize LEGOs.

105. The Best Ways To Organize LEGOs

These are some of the best ways to organize LEGOs whether they are large or small.

106. DIY Personal LEGO Table 

Use a lap table to make your very own LEGO table that is much more manageable in size.

107. Portable LEGO Kit 

Travel a lot? Then this portable LEGO kit is a must!

108. Proven LEGO Organization Ideas

Tired of stepping on LEGOs? Then try out these proven LEGO organization ideas.

109. DIY LEGO Storage Solution

Too many LEGOs? Fret not! This DIY LEGO storage solution is just what you needed!

LEGO Inspired Food

Super easy Lego brownies. This is the easiest Lego cake idea I've come across. What a great idea for kids lego party theme
How cute are these LEGO brownies?

110. Easy Lego Brownies

Have a LEGO lover? LEGO themed birthday party? Then you’ll love these red, green, and blue easy LEGO brownies. The whole family will love all of these different colors of LEGO brownies.

111. Make and Bake Lego Treats

You can a lot of baked goods into LEGO treats.

112. LEGO Egg

Make lunch time or snack time exciting by making these LEGO eggs.

113. LEGO Yogurt Snacks

What a deliciously, sweet and healthy snack these LEGO yogurt snacks are. They look like LEGOs and LEGO men.

114. LEGO Lunch Box Notes

Make your child feel special with these fun, and educational, LEGO lunch box notes.

Quick and fun bento lunches made in the Lego lunch box - fun and healthy kids lunch ideas from Eats Amazing UK -great for back to school packed lunches
These LEGO bento box lunch ideas makes lunch fun!

115. LEGO Bento Box

These LEGO inspired BENTO box lunches are super cute and tasty! Yum!

116. LEGO Star Wars Lunch

Love LEGOs? Love Star Wars? Then you’ll love this LEGO Star Wars inspired lunch.

117. LEGO Themed Lunches

Everything in this lunch is LEGO themed, it is so cute, and nutritious.

118. Delicious LEGO Party Snacks

You can make LEGO cupcakes, brownies, LEGO head marshmallow pops, and more!

119. LEGO Lunchbox

Check out how awesome this LEGO lunch box is and what others think about it.

120. LEGO Toast

Make breakfast extra special with this fun and tasty LEGO toast. It’s like regular toast, but better.

MISC LEGO Tips and Hacks

Ten Tips and Tricks to Make Your Legoland Visit Awesome
Make your LEGOLAND visit awesome!


Make your LEGOland visit amazing with this awesome guide.

122. LEGO Inspired Bathroom

Make your child’s bathroom fun and something they like with these LEGO ideas for a LEGO inspired bathroom.

123. LEGO Party

Throwing a LEGO party? There are so many good ideas on how to throw the best LEGO themed party.

124. LEGO Movie Party

Your kids will love this LEGO Movie themed party! Complete ideas for snacks, decorations, gifts, and more.

125. LEGO Conventions

Did you know there are LEGO conventions? Apparently they are all over the country. Learn more about them here.

LEGO deep sea kit review
Want to know how the LEGO kits compare? Then check out these LEGO kit reviews.

126. LEGO City Deep Sea Explorers Kit Review

Want to know more about LEGO city deep sea explorers kit? Then be sure to check out this review!

127. Top 10 LEGO Books

Looking for some LEGO books? Here are the top 10 LEGO books. From history to records, they are all here.

More Lego Crafts and Activities From Kids Activites Blog

What is your favorite LEGO activity? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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