Where in the World is The Sandlot Movie & the Promised Sandlot TV Series?

You’re killing me, smalls! The Sandlot is coming back!

Update: This blog post originally was announcing the Sandlot Reunion with the original cast & now has the video of that reunion…please keep reading!

sandlot movie poster
I loooooved The Sandlot!


Sandlot Reunion Announcement

A Sandlot Reunion was announced…

With the original cast…

You guys!

I CANNOT and will not contain my excitement.

My kids will never understand but I don’t care!


“I already got all the original cast members back,” David Mickey Evans, who wrote and directed the Sandlot movies, told The Rain Delay podcast. “It takes place in 1984, when they’re all like 33 years old and they all have children of their own, and that’s all I can tell you.”

And so, we are headed back to the lot!

Who is Streaming the Sandlot Series?

Originally they didn’t say WHO is streaming the two season made-for-tv series yet, but did confirm it’s happening!  It was confirmed a streamer had picked up 2 seasons of this reboot! My first guess was Netflix, but we found out later I was wrong…

Disney+ is the home of the Sandlot Reboot! 

“The original movie’s director and co-writer, David Mickey Evans, is writing and executive producing the series. The series is in early days of development.”

Grit Daily, Everything to Know about ‘The Sandlot’ Television Series

Sandlot Prequel Project

Apparently, this project is separate from another Sandlot property in development, 20th Century Fox’s prequel to the iconic 1993 baseball film, co-penned by Evans and Austin Reynolds.

I am anxiously waiting because this is so exciting.

Yeah, Yeah. I can’t WAIT. 

Oh, and if you need a little more excitement, check out the interview below that has a short reunion with the cast!

Sandlot Reunion Show Video from Summer 2020

Yes, it is a little zoom-y, but isn’t that the story of 2020?  Check out all the fun of the Sandlot cast…

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When will the Sandlot Arrive on Disney Plus?

We are searching high and low to find out!  What have you heard?  Add it in the comments below…

Where Can You Watch The Sandlot Movie?

Well, it was on Disney+ and then it wasn’t.  And then it was and it wasn’t.  The latest scoop is:

“The 20th Century Studios film “The Sandlot” is once again returning to Disney+ in the United States on Friday 7th January 2022.”

Whats on Disney Plus, The Sandlot Returning to Disney+ Again in US

Whew!  No wonder we have to keep updating this article…this is getting nuts.


  1. Bill Markos says:

    It’ll be on Disney+ since this was a Fox owned entity.

  2. Will James Earl Jones coming back as well?

  3. Trevor Perkes says:

    This is Awesome!! Me and my brothers loved watching this movie when we were younger. I want to watch the original sand lot with my boy now!

  4. Maria Diax says:

    I cant wait it should be justcas good as the 1st one

  5. Maria Diax says:

    I cant wait it should be just as good as the 1st one!!

  6. This movie and field of dreams alomg with a papa who played in the Army helped in inspiring my children to play baseball/softball and i have to admit.. they kick butt and take names! Thank you!

  7. This is totally one of my favorite movies of all time so cool
    Can’t wait to stream this new one do you know when it will be airing?

  8. Didn’t one of the characters pass away according to the end of the movie dialogue?

  9. No they said none of them got really big in the the 60s and no one ever seen him again. I forgot his name havent watched the movie in ages. But it was the one with the glasses and not squints

  10. Mike Vitar us missing.

  11. It was Bertram. No, the end of the movie didn’t have any of the kids dying. It just says, “Bertram got really into the sixties, and no one ever saw him again.”

  12. Mike Rowland says:

    My favorite baseball movie of all time. My kids and I would watch all the time. They all are grown and still love this movie. Probably have seen it over 50 times. Can’t wait.

  13. How are you going to have a Sandlot reunion without Benny “the Jett”????

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