Give Money as a Gift with Balloons in a Box Surprise!

If you are tired of sending birthday or holiday cards with a gift card inclosed, you are going to love this Balloons in a Box Gift Surprise!  This fun way to give a present is great for kids of all ages and will be a gift from you they will never forget.

Birthday Balloons in a Box - balloons arranged in a box with a happy birthday sign and money in the balloons - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s send a birthday surprise for a loved one!

While we are showing you a birthday balloons in a box with a money gift, you can imagine how this easy and creative way to give money could be modified for any holiday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or just because!

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Give the Gift of a Balloon Surprise that can be Mailed!

With family that lives far away, I’m always looking for a creative gift idea to send to my nieces and nephews.

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What kid doesn’t want to open a box of balloons for their birthday? Even better, some of the balloons have money inside! This simple gift gives a big surprise for a bargain and the postage on the box is lower than you might think because air filled balloons are light!

How to put money into a balloon before adding air or helium - Kids Activities Blog - 8 balloons that are deflated shown with rolled up money at the end.
It is easy to add money to a deflated balloon!

Supplies Needed for Birthday Balloons in a Box


Watch Our Short Video on How to Make this Surprise Gift

We chose to make the balloons the only thing in the box, but you could add in little toys and smaller gifts within the box as well and make the balloons the wrapping and celebration part.

Now let’s look at how we created this fun money gift for kids…

Birthday Balloons box filled with money - roll up dollar bill and add to the end of a deflated balloon
Roll up the bill and insert into the end of a deflated balloon.

Step 1

Roll the $1 bills into small cylinders and insert into a balloon. You’ll need one balloon for each $1 bill.

I like to send $1 for every year of the child’s age.

Birthday Balloon inflated with a dollar bill inside - yellow balloon
You can see the money through the balloon!

Step 2

Blow up the balloons, and you’ll see the money bouncing around!

Birthday Balloon box with Happy Birthday Aiden sign showing multiple balloons with dollar bills peeking through
What a fun box to open up as a surprise!

Step 3

Throw the balloons into a box. I added in some empty balloons, so the kiddo really has to search to find the money!

Step 4

Add in a gift message like a homemade card or sign that could be used at home or out in the yard on the special day.

Step 5

Tape up the box and add the proper postage and send it on its way to your gift recipient.

A Box Full of Surprises

Can you imagine the excitement when this box arrives? They’ll have so much fun with this creative gift idea!

This balloon box surprise gift would work great for teachers with one of the balloons coming from each student.

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Have you ever sent a big box of balloons as a gift in the mail? How did it turn out?