Are you looking for some fantastic mouth watering  easy chicken recipes that your kids will actually eat? Then we have got your covered! We have found some of the most amazing kid-friendly easy chicken recipes and we are drooling! These are family favorite chicken recipes that are easy enough for a busy weeknight family dinner.

delicious chicken recipes that include cheese stuffed chicken breasts, pot pies, chicken kababs, and chicken soup.
The chicken pot pie recipe is one of my favorites for the winter. It’s hearty and a comfort food.

Amazing Chicken Dinner Recipes that Kids Will Love

We have gathered 50 kid-friendly chicken recipes we think your family will love. From grilled recipes to soups, we have them all! A chicken recipe for every season and every craving.

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Sounds like a win-win to me.

Comfort Food Chicken Recipes

1. Classic Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - chicken pot pie from above with one slice removed on wood table
Have pie for dinner! Chicken pot pie.

Try this flaky chicken pot pie recipe. Creamy on the inside and buttery perfection on the outside!

2. Homestyle Chicken Pot Pie

You don’t need to make a full chicken pot-pie – consider making mini-pot-pies.  These are kid-friendly.

3. Chicken Bites

If finger foods are a favorite try these buffalo chicken bites.

4. Buffalo Chicken Strips

if you are counting calories, try  this recipe for  diet buffalo chicken strips.

5. Chicken Alfredo Recipe

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - alfredo chicken casserole recipe in casserole dish with wooden spoon

We’ve fallen in love with this way of making baked ziti with alfredo chicken. Simply fabulous.

6. Chicken Pasta

This is an explosion of flavor in this chicken pasta dish. Mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, basil and a hint of red pepper create perfection in a pot!

7. Hassleback Chicken

This three ingredient chicken dish is an easy fan favorite. The cheese hassleback chicken is gooey and crunchy and the kids will be begging you for more!

chicken recipes 2
Delicious chicken recipes to make buffalo chicken recipes.
Buffalo chicken is one of my favorites with a side of bleu cheese and celery.

Family Friendly Chicken Dishes

8. Chicken Parmesan

Serve this Italian favorite over noodles. It’s a simple way to make  baked chicken parmesan  from home!

9. Italian Chicken Roll

You can create an Italian chicken “roll” with chicken breasts, cheese and basil – a favorite at our house.

10. Garlic Chicken Thighs

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - chicken thighs in garlic sauce - chicken in sauce from above in large pan with spoon
I can smell this chicken dinner dish from here…

Get the feeling and taste of gourmet chicken from home. This  garlic sauce is delicious  and  diet friendly.

11. Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken – This classic is yummy and always a hit with the kiddos.

Chicken soup recipes are great in the fall and the winter. We have vegetable chicken soup, tex mex chicken soup, corn, lime, and chicken soup. Yum!
Hearty soup recipes are perfect for the fall and winter.

Homemade Chicken Soup Recipes

12. Chicken Enchilada Soup

For a bit of a southwest flair cook up this copy-cat recipe for chicken enchilada soup.

13. Chicken Tortilla Soup

With limitless topping options this crowd pleasing recipe for chicken tortilla soup. I like putting tortillas in the air fryer to make a crunchy tortilla top. It’s the easiest way in my opinion. Don’t have to heat the house with the oven or fry in oil.

14. Chicken Avocado Soup

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - chicken soup with avocado and cilantro shown with tortilla chips in bowl with spoon
This is one of my kids favorite easy chicken dinner ideas.

This one pot chicken soup is a wonderful dinner after a long day. Avocado lime soup is a new favorite!

15. Chicken Tortilla Soup

My favorite soup of all-time is this one – Chicken tortilla Soup Recipe – it’s warm and filling!

16. Chicken Stock

Make your own chicken stock at home using this simple recipe. You can use it in so many things to add a more bold flavor than the store-bought options.

17. Creamy Chicken Soup

Sneak veggies into your child’s diet by serving up this creamy chicken soup!

18. Garden Chicken Noodle Soup

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - the most delicious chicken garden minestrone (text) - soup bowl from above with spoon on white table
Chicken soups on!

Love chicken noodle soup? Then you’ll love this tasty garden minestrone. It’s chicken noodle soup with lots of extra veggies.

19. Homemade Chicken Broth

No more sodium-filled boxes, make homemade chicken broth yourself. It is shockingly easy and majorly delicious.

Easy and mouthwatering chicken recipes like caprese chicken, chicken alfredo, whole roasted chicken, and chicken fajitas.
I love roasting whole chickens. It makes enough for dinner and then some to make chicken salad later.

Easy and Delicious Chicken Breast Meals

20. Grilled Caprese Chicken

The freshness of this grilled chicken with caprese on top will have you wanting seconds and thirds! This is one of my favorite easy recipes. Chicken breasts, tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese , yum!

21. Chicken Piccata

Chicken Pasta is easy to make – prefect for a busy day.  You can cook the chicken ahead of time too!

22. Chicken Sandwich

You can cook chicken into pesto – these chicken sandwiches are filling and tasty. I like using skinless chicken breasts for this.

23. Chicken Fajitas

No grill? No problem! Try these budget friendly chicken fajitas cooked right in your oven! The best part is, you could make these in a crock pot or an instant pot. It makes the most tender chicken breasts.

24. Garlic Lemon Chicken

Pull out the slow cooker and fall in love with this lemon chicken  with a hint of garlic!  What a delicious chicken dinner!

25. Honey Beer Chicken

This is a quick chicken recipe with a honey-beer sauce that will become an instant favorite! Seriously, my family can’t get enough of this. It’s one of their favourite chicken recipes.

26. Cilantro Lime Chicken

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - cilantro lime chicken - shown on cutting board with cilantro and slices of lime
Mmmmm…I love cilantro and this chicken dinner is full of it!

Want something awesome? Cilantro Lime Chicken tastes delicious on top of a bed of wild rice! Such a great meal! Want a different side? White rice and black beans would go great with this. Or maybe some rice cooked in coconut milk. The entire family is sure to love it.

27. Grapefruit Baked Chicken

Want even more fruit?  How about a grapefruit baked Chicken?  This citrus packed meal is tangy!

How to cook a whole chicken recipes. Beer butt chicken, chicken over potatoes, chicken over carrots, they're all delicious.
There is something so great about a whole roast chicken.

Cooking Delicious Chicken

28. Chicken and Potatoes

Fresh rosemary makes this recipe for chicken and potatoes a delicious end to an evening! Perfect for busy weeknights.

29. How To Roast A Chicken

Any one can make a roast chicken, but this video will teach you to do it  perfectly.  

30. Chicken Rub

One can of beer and a delicious chicken rub make this meal something you will never forget! Guess what? You can use this chicken rub in rice recipes to make a chicken flavored side.

31. Chicken In Milk

They say chicken in milk is the best chicken recipe of all time. You will have to try it and let us know if you agree!

32. Chicken Stuffing

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - chicken and stuffing casserole from above with napkin on wood table
Any excuse to eat stuffing…

Serve some homemade chicken stuffing along with your dinner.  This is a great version of the classic dish.

33. Crockpot Whole Chicken

Looking for an easy dinner. Only four ingredients (plus chicken) for this  easy, fragrant and delicious recipe. She shows you how to cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker. Use the leftovers of the whole chicken to make yummy stuff like orange chicken.

Fifty chicken recipes with caprese chicken and chicken kabobs with peppers.
Chicken kabobs with onions, peppers, and mushrooms is healthy and delicious.

Amazing Chicken Recipes

34. Chicken Kabobs

Another great way to get your family to eat their veggies is by dousing them with this amazing honey sauce and including them on chicken kabobs. Amazing. Jasmine rice or white rice with some fresh herbs and olive oil would make a great side.

35. Dijon Chicken

The flavor in this easy baked Chicken recipe comes from the dijon.  Just a hint of heat and spice.

36. BBQ Chicken

Does your family love chicken legs? They seem to be the most coveted part of the chicken. Even more so when prepared with this amazing barbecue sauce! Even pick eaters will love this.

37. Chicken Quesadillas

kid friendly easy chicken dinner recipes - chicken quesadillas stacked on a plate garnished by cilantro
One of my favorite go-to easy dinner ideas.

Easy variation for a night of Taco Tuesday Recipe – make chicken Quesadillas. It’s a great way to use leftover chicken too. Who doesn’t love cheesy chicken and tortillas?

38. Almond Chicken

This almond chicken recipe is one of my family’s favorite go-to meals.  It really works year round! The juicy chicken, crunchy nuts, so good! Simple ingredients can make a busy night even better. It’s one of those easy chicken dinners that seems like you spent all evening cooking!

39. Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan Chicken Recipe that is tasty!  Easy to make – all you need is your crockpot. Perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.

40. Chicken Souvlaki

It is a well known fact, put chicken on a stick and the kids will be overjoyed! This is one recipe parents and kids will all agree is fantastic!

Delicious chicken recipes to make baked chicken with potatoes and carrots, chicken strips, and chicken stock.
I love making my own chicken stock. It tastes better than the stuff from the store.

Easy Chicken Recipes

41. Full Chicken Dinner

Save time and energy by serving this recipe for  simple chicken, potatoes and veggies all baked from one pot. The flavors mesh together as they bake, your mouth will be very happy with you.

42. Chicken Fries

Ready for your child’s favorite chicken recipe? Chicken fries combine everything that children love in one delightfully dip-able form. You could probably use this recipe to make chicken nuggets too.

43. Chicken and Artichoke

Foil wrapped chicken and artichoke dish. This is a dinner with no clean up!

44. Red Pepper Basil Chicken

For something extra special try this roasted chicken  meal with red pepper and fresh basil leaves.

45. Single Serve Chicken Pot Pie

Single Serving of Chicken in these pot-pies.  They are great to bake in big batches and freeze ahead too!

46. Easy Butter Chicken Recipe

Love curry? This butter chicken isn’t spicy, but full of wonderful spices, and so creamy and delicious! Everyone will love it!

47. Easy Coq Au Vin Recipe

This Coq Au Vin recipe is so easy to make, rustic, and something everyone will like. Crispy chicken skin, tender chicken, vegetables, broth, and bread…it doesn’t get much better than this.

48. Quick Chicken Taquitos Recipe

I LOVE chicken taquitos…and so do my kids. Chicken taquitos dipped in ranch is one of the best thing. And these chicken taquitos recipe is quick, easy, and amazing.

49. One Pot Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta Recipe

Chicken…cajun spices…cream….pasta…this recipe is a match made in heaven. Seriously, this creamy cajun pasta recipe is one of my family’s favorites. And it’s budget friendly!

50. Green Chicken Bowl Recipe

Greek is a staple in my family and this Greek chicken bowl recipe is something we eat a lot, especially in the summer. Chicken, tangy vegetables, rice, tzatziki sauce…so good.

51. Italian Chicken Meatloaf Recipe

I never knew what to do with ground chicken until I found this recipe. It’s a softer, more mild flavor meatloaf. Seriously, Italian chicken meatloaf is amazing and makes great leftovers. Your whole family will love it.

More Easy Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas

What is your family’s favorite chicken recipe? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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