Let’s put an artistic spin on the fruit with the fruit abstract coloring pages!

Abstract coloring pages bring coloring to a whole new level with a lot of room for creativity!

fruit abstract coloring pages

Free Printable Fruit Abstract Coloring Pages

Why stick with the boring red strawberry when you can can make an abstract piece of art!

Your kids can go “wild” with the colors or use contrast colors in the squares (a great opportunity to learn about the color wheel). They might not turn out very appetizing that’s for sure but they will be way more fun!

The Printable Fruit Abstract Coloring Pages Pack Includes

  • 1  page with an apple.
  • and 1 page with a pineapple.
  • 1  page with a pear.
  • 1 page with cherries.
  • and 1 page with bananas.
  • 1 page with strawberry.

Supplies Needed: (this post has affiliate links included)

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fruit abstract coloring pages


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