We have a fun and easy sewing project for kids.  Boys and girls will love expressing their personality as they refashion clothes from their closet.  Kids Activities Blog loves creative upcycling ideas like this! Thanks to Aby from Green Issues by Aby for being a Quirky Momma for the day!

Easy Sewing Project for Kids!  Refashion clothes from their closet

Easy Sewing Project

I’ve always wanted to get my son involved in re-fashioning but never had the chance to until last weekend. At the beginning of the year, he told me he wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine and I was very happy that he mentioned it (although secretly I think it’s because stepping on the pedal is very much like driving a car!)! So, we ended up doing some cutting, painting and a little bit of sewing.  Two hours later, we ended up with a “new” pair of shorts, a very happy kid, and a proud mummy. This is an easy peasy project.

Kids can refashion clothes for a whole new wardrobe {Easy Sewing Project!}

Refashion Clothes

Measure from the child’s hip down to a suitable shorts length.  Your child can help in deciding on the length and reading off the tape measure.

Upcycling Ideas for Kids - Try this easy sewing project {refashion clothes}

Upcycling Ideas  

Take a pair of trousers which are too short – we had two pairs, jeans and khaki.    Get your child to lay the trousers flat and mark the length that was just measured onto the garment’s legs.  Add another inch below that mark for seam allowance. Under your guidance, your child can make sure that the leg lengths are equal, and then they can cut the trousers along the second mark.  Remember not to leave them alone with scissors.

Refashion clothes with acrylic paint {upcycling ideas for kids}

Before we got to the sewing, we had some fun with some acrylic paint and a stencil. We used a non-toxic paint, Americana, and a dinosaur stencil. The stencil was a gift, but you can make your own using old clear plastic files.

Upcycling ideas for kids pants {Refashion clothes}

Simple Paint Designs

Or you could just paint free-style using anything you can find in the house e.g. sponge, bottle caps, cookie cutters.  Just remember to place scrap paper or cardboard under the fabric to prevent the paint from transferring.  

Upcycling ideas to refashion clothes for kids {easy sewing project}

  As you can see, my son is a fan of dinosaurs!

Easy sewing project for kids

Start Sewing

After the paint had dried, we hemmed the raw edges with the machine. I taught my son how to thread the machine – it was pretty easy as the machine had numbers to follow. The difficult part was getting the thread through the needle.

Refashion clothes and an easy sewing project for kids

  I let my son press the foot pedal when we ran the shorts through the machine, but I held onto the garment. He managed to get a grip on the different speeds – he can now master extremely slow to medium pace. Once this was all done, we sewed the hem with a needle – this was difficult for an 8 year old so I ended up doing this part, but he helped in threading the needle and making knots with his fingers. He was very patient!

Upcycling ideas for pants {use acrylic pant and stencils!}

I hope this is the beginning of a great relationship between my son and refashioning!  It’s a great skill to have, don’t you agree?

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  1. Great idea! love the upcycled items and idea to encourage all kids to try sewing 🙂 Another great sewing project for boys is to make their own tent cover for the backyard.

  2. Very fun idea- great way to use clothes and engage the young ones. I love that sewing is for everyone, not just girls!