These farm activities are perfect for your kids to start exploring the world of farms.   Learning about farms is so much fun!   We have gathered a handful of crafts, activities and printables inspired by Gift of Curiosity to explore farm life.   Perhaps there is one in your area you can visit! Farm-Activities

10 Fun Farm Activities

1.   Here is a free farm printable pack with 63 activities like puzzles, mazes, literacy, math, shapes and more! 2.   Learn about owls and make a fun owl hand print craft.   Talk about this extraordinary bird and look up fun facts while you craft! 3.   Easily make a fun farm themed sensory bin to create your own miniature farm!   Use popcorn kernels for the base and add in all your mini farm figures. 4.   Use a paper plate to make a cute barn craft.   Who would have thought you could make a barn from a paper plate? 5.   Learn about farm animals by reading.   Here’s a list of 12 amazing books about life on the farm. 6.   These Montessori farm trays are so much fun!   There are several ideas here for you to try including making your own farm book and playing a game called put the bead on the pig! 7.   Make your own cow udder from a rubber glove!   Poke small holes in the finger tips with a pin, fill it with water, and then let the kids milk it. 8.   If you have the opportunity to see a farm in person, here are five fun activities you can do while visiting a farm. 9.   For a fun art project, print these super cute farm do-a-dot printables.   There are nine animals printables here like a rooster, a pig and more. 10.   Make your own indoor horse stable!   Using a little scrap wood, put together a miniature stable from your horse figurines.

More Farm Fun From Kids Activities Blog

Check out these cute farm coloring pages. Can goats climb trees? The answer may surprise you.

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