Farm activities for kids are fun!  If you’re looking for a few new outdoor activities to experience with your kids, maybe try visiting a farm. Here are some great ideas from our best blog feature today, The Freckled Homeschooler, who raises her little ones on a farm.

5 Kids Activities on the Farm

5 Kids Activities on the Farm

1.  Grow a tree from a simple acorn!   Just put dry acorns into a Ziploc bag filled with damp sawdust and refridgerate.   It is a slow process but is great to teach children about trees and how important they are. 2.  Have a photo scavenger hunt.   Make a list of all the neat things you could find on a farm and go searching for them with camera in tow. 3.  Try color sorting all the neat things you can find outside on a farm.   Find leaves  or acorns and whatever else you collect and then bring them inside to color sort onto different colored papers you have laid out. 4.  Raise some chickens!   There are a multitude of benefits from this, not only as a food source, but raising an animal and learning about their life cycle. 5.  There are so many unique aspects to growing up on a farm.   Getting to witness new life being born into the world is surely one of them, along with caring for animals from birth into old age. Thank you, The Freckled Homeschooler, for showing us life on a farm!

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