These My Little Pony Crafts are so much fun, full of cute ponies, and will let you make your own little pony! These My Little Pony crafts are perfect for kids of all ages and is a great time to also teach about friendship since it is My Little Ponies biggest message! This is perfect for at home or in the classroom!

11 Adorable My Little Pony Crafts
We love all of these My Little Pony Crafts!

My Little Pony Crafts For Kids

My little girl is crazy about My Little Pony.

I mean, what little girl (or boy for that matter – my twin nephews adore them!) doesn’t love bright colored ponies with glitter and cutie marks?

We’re so excited about these fun My Little Pony crafts. So many of these would be fantastic for a pony themed birthday party!

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Adorable My Little Pony Crafts and Activities

1. Pony Shoe Wings Craft

My Little Pony Crafts: grey sneakers with hot pink shoelaces and blue and pink My Little Pony wings made from crafting foam, attached to the sides of the sneakers, with the showelaces laced through tiny holes on the side to make it look like flying sneakers. They are set on top of a distressed teal blue wooden table or chair, in a close up photo.
Shoes with wings = the ultimate my little pony craft!

This simple craft will make any pair of shoes extra cute! via Craftaholics Anonymous

2. Magical Small World Craft

My Little Pony Crafts - The inside of a small box is painted blue with white painted clouds that have cotton balls attached to them to make them 3D, with thin 3-4 inch wide strips of cut cardboard painted and arched into rainbows that are glued on the sides of the inside of the painted box to make a DIY My Little Pony play set that looks like rainbow arches in the sky that My Little Pony dolls can play on and be displayed on.
Make a Magical world Play Set Craft for your My little pony dolls!

Make your own small world to play with all of those mini figures. This is awesome! via The Imagination Tree

3. My Little Pony Snow Globes Craft

My Little Pony Crafts - A small, bulbous glass jar with a chrome lid has been turned upside down and made into a snow globe with a miniature yellow My Little Pony doll in the center, surrounded by liquid and iridescent glitter.  It sits on a light pink table, and the image is a close up of the snow globe.
The sweetest my little pony snow globe craft–makes an adorable gift!

Everyone loves snow globes! Use one of your mini figures to make your own My Little Pony glitter globe. via Poulette Magique

4. My Little Pony Necklace Craft

My Little Pony Crafts - The square picture is sectioned off into (4) similar close ups of DIY My Little Pony necklaces--a white pearl necklace with a My Little Pony Doll attached to the strand of pearls. One necklace is a yellow My Little Pony with a yellow crochet heart next to it on a white cake stand with a vibrant, multi-colored floral tablecloth under it. Each of the other three squares are a similar setup with a lavender and light pink My Little Pony doll on the pearl necklace and a pink crochet heart net to it, a teal My Little Pony doll on the next pearl necklace with a blue crochet heart next to it, and the final one is a pale orange My Little Pony on a pearl necklace with a light green crochet heart next to it (that matches the pony's eyes!).
DIY My Little Pony Craft–Make Necklaces! Such a Cute party favor idea!

These necklaces are a great use if you’ve got duplicates of your pony mini figures. Now you can wear your favorite pony around your neck! via Raising Up Rubies

11 Adorable My Little Pony Crafts
There are so many great My Little Pony Crafts!

5. DIY My Little Pony Tattoos Craft

My Little Pony Crafts: The back of a  small child's hand with a DIY temporary My Little Pony tattoo: the outline of a blue cloud, with a blue, yellow, and red rainbow coming out of the cloud in the shape of a lightening bolt. White background.
the coolest my little pony craft–diy temporary my little pony tattoos!

Make your own cutie mark with these DIY temporary tattoos! via Cutesy Crafts

6. Silicone Molds To Make Your Own My Little Pony Craft

Make a mold so you can create your own little ponies from playdough and create your own. via Doodle Craft

7. My Little Pony Bingo Activity

My Little Pony Crafts: A dark wooden table with a white DIY My Little Pony Bingo card with lots of tiny My Little Pony drawings in various colors making up the Bingo card. There is a small pile of mini marshmallows alongside the Bingo card, to be used as Bingo markers (with a few on top of the Bingo card, marking spots), and tiny matching My Little Pony cards.
make diy my little pony bingo cards–A creative my little pony craft, great for parties!

Print this game out for a rainy day or a birthday party! via Artsy Fartsy Mama

8. DIY My Little Pony Tsum Tsum Craft

Use clay to make your own My Little Pony Tsum Tsums! via Mint Dahlia

9. (& 10.!) pinkie pie & RAINBOW DASH paper craftS

My Little pony Craft: Two Paper (drawn) My Little Pony dolls (Rainbow Dash in light blue, with dark blue wings and a rainbow tail and mane, and Pinkie Pie all in pink!). The paper figures have been cut out and are on a blue background.
Make Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie–Such a fun my little pony craft!

Paint and color your very own Pinkie Pie with this great free printable! via Learn Create Love.

11. Fluttershy Paper Craft

We get to make Fluttershy!! via Learn Create Love

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Which my little pony crafts did you try? Leave us a comment!

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