Our kids favorite activity of all time is to build LEGOs, and create magical worlds out of LEGO blocks. While back we featured a post on the LEGO videos that our kids discovered, and today we are sharing our favorite LEGO activities from around the web. Here at Kids Activities Blog we know that LEGO blocks can build ANYTHING! And we have a few secrets on how to keep them stored for play.  Build LEGOs - Lots of Ways to Create Learn and Play - Kids Activities Blog

20+ Activities to Build LEGOs

Build Legos

Do your kids *love* instruction books? Ours do! And now you can print off just about any LEGO instruction book – for free! SO many oldies that I remember from my building days, from Peeron. We love LEGOs and we love playing with the ipad – why not mix them? Here is a list of 10 free LEGO apps from Free Homeschool Deals! Create art with legos. Our girls love to decorate and create mosaics with their bricks, similar to this rainbow lego activity for kids. via Kids Activities Blog Take pictures of each other’s creations and later try to replicate them. Making your own lego instruction book is a great logic, and spatial reasoning activity for kids. via Kids Activities Blog Play a game, draw a slip and build with whatever the instructions ask you to draw out of the communal pile. via Kids Activities Blog

Organize LEGOs

This is an idea of a storage drawer system from Blissfully Domestic. I bet it would be easy to make… great if your children like to sort their blocks, not great if you have thousands of bricks like we do!   Check out how One Mama’s Daily Drama organized LEGO bricks with printable labels. This is an interesting concept – make a travel box for LEGO blocks. This idea from Dukes and Duchesses is great for travel or for the small collections. Want a minifigure head to collect all the heads (and arms)? We could use one, and adore this one from Handmade Charlotte.  Make a “LEGO head” from a baby food jar to store the small parts. Use a giant piece of fabric as a mat. Our kids have to keep their LEGO blocks on the mat, when they are finished playing, we draw up the mat and put them away. via Kids Activities Blog If we only had the space, if only! This DIY LEGO table is to die for! It’s awesome – my kids are jealous! at Kids Activities Blog

legos: 20 ways to create learn and play with kids & bricks

Lego Activities

Help your child develop logic skills. Make a maze for your lego man to stroll through. via Kids Activities Blog  Use Legos to help your child learn to spell. Write the letters for the spelling word with dry erase markers on your blocks. Have your children build them in order. from Kids Activities Blog Try measuring items from around your house with lego blocks, or you can create elaborate patterns with this idea from Hands On As We Grow. Have a brick building contest. Give your kids identical sets of bricks and see what they can come up with. Give awards for the biggest item, the most mobile, the prettiest, etc. What fun LEGO ideas from Some Girl’s Website. Flashcards are a great way for kids to learn, but they can be boring… Not if you add legos to the learning!! at Kids Activities Blog A *bunch* of different ways from Pleasantest Thing that you can teach your kids math – with bricks. Watch legos fly by creating your own LEGO catapult, from Kids Activities Blog

LEGO Party Ideas

Give these DIY LEGO Rings as party favors from Coupons Are Great. Instead of serving cake, why not have a “LEGO” bar, and let the kids create their own lego cookie like these from Mer Mag Make a costume from a box… OR use the same tutorial to create a pinata from a smaller box! by Kids Activities Blog Create “LEGO-like”candy for the kids to build with, play and eat, at Kids Activities Blog.

More Lego Fun!

lego soap your kids can make How do your kids play with Legos?

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  1. I love, love, love the opportunitiy for my boys to learn by playing with Legos. Very encouraged in our home!

  2. Thank you for this post. I’m going to share it in just a moment. My daughter loves playing with LEGOs and you have some great ideas. Last summer we started a weekly building challenge. We started up again just last week. Anybody that loves to build can join us. Check it out at BuildItWeekly.blogspot.com. It’s free and very fun!

  3. My kids LOVE legos and all of your ideas for a lego birthday party are fantastic. We will certainly be referring to your suggestions for my son’s upcoming birthday! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  4. Oh my goodness! So many great ideas! I love the idea of keeping them on a large piece of fabric… Right now they have to keep them on the table, and they drop a lot….