Does your child love making homemade Christmas gifts?   If so then they might like to try painting bowls for a creative homemade gift.   We love simple and inexpensive ideas like this at Kids Activities Blog!

homemade Christmas gifts

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is an important time of year and a wonderful opportunity to teach children many truths. The English word “gift” comes from the Greek word “charis”, which means “grace, or an undeserved gift.”  If something is earned, then it’s a payment. A gift, in contrast, is an expression of love for the individual and is freely given. Make gift giving meaningful. The grace of giving has little to do with the size and cost of the gift. The grace of giving has everything to do with love. Related: Tile Craft Idea: Make Coasters Using Gift Wrap

Painting Bowls

Painted bowls are an easy and fun homemade Christmas gift. Materials:
  • air dry stay-on enamel paints (some enamel paints are not recommended for surfaces that come in contact with food, so just to be safe, don’t paint the inside of your bowls);
  • brushes;
  • bowls (we purchased ours for only $1.50 each at the dollar shop).
  1. Clean the bowls with soapy water, rinse and dry. Make sure the surface to be painted is completely dry.
  2. Using a clean, dry brush, paint your bowls using your enamel paints. (If you want really even layers, you can apply some enamel paint surface conditioner first before painting).
  3. Let your painted bowls fully dry and harden (about 10 days).
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More Kids Activities

Homemade Christmas gifts are gifts from the heart.   And doesn’t the thought of your child painting bowls this cute just melt your heart?   For more heart warming kids activities, you might want to look at these ideas:

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