Cut and pasting are basic skills for young children – that’s why today we are sharing 12 cut and paste activities for preschoolers, kindergartners and even advanced toddlers. Kids can practice cutting in a variety of fun ways! Enjoy these free cut and paste worksheets and activities at home, preschool, homeschool or classroom.

Image shows different cut and paste activities for preschoolers and kids doing these activities. From KAB and other sources
Here are some easy ways to practice cut and paste skills!

Free Cut And Paste Printable Activities For Younger Children

A great way to enhance fine motor skills in children is through cut and paste worksheets. Cut and pasting activities, before being so much fun, provide important skills such as:

  • scissor skills
  • bilateral coordination
  • hand-eye coordination
  • identifying basic shapes

And many more skills. All of these skills are necessary for elementary students, so it’s very important for preschoolers and kindergarten students to practice pasting and cutting skills.

We hope you enjoy these activity ideas!

1. Printable Flower Template: Print & Cut Out Flower Petals, Stem & More

Image shows a flower with different patterns for cut and paste activities. From Kids activities blog
Let’s create a flower with simple steps!

This flower coloring sheet is perfect for kids of all ages to create beautiful works of art with these free printable flower templates.

2. Free Cut and Paste Worksheets

Image shows two cut and paste printable activities from Nature Inspired Learning
These simple cut and pasting worksheets are great for kids of all ages.

Using scissors and glue is a fun way for young children to practice fine motor skills. These free printable cut and paste worksheets include six butterfly and flower pictures. From Inspired Learning.

3. Cut and Paste Exercises for Preschool Children

Image shows different shapes in different colors for a preschool cut and paste worksheet. From About Preschool
Let’s learn a variety of shapes.

This cut and paste game is suitable for children aged 3 and above. With this game, children will learn how to use scissors, so that their hand muscles and motor skills will develop. From About Preschool.

4. Elmo cut and paste activity + printable!

Image shows an Elmo cut and paste worksheet over a green desk. Idea from Fun With Mama
Enjoy these preschool cut and paste printables.

Download and print this printable Elmo craft cut and paste activity is a perfect visual perception activity for a little Elmo lover. From Fun With Mama.

5. Parts of an Apple Cut & Paste Activity for Preschoolers & Kindergarten + FREE Printable

Image shows a printble with the parts of an apple for a cut and paste activity. Idea from Live Well Play Together
Easy way to learn the parts of an apple!

This is a great way to learn about the parts of an apple, practice early reading skills, and of course, scissor cutting skills and glue skills. From Live Well Play Together.

6. Free Printable Cut and Paste Activities for Preschoolers

Image shows a compilatino of different cut and paste activities for preschoolers, like sueprheroes, a princess and a castle, and dinosaurs. From Activity-Mom.
This activity is ideal for really young kids.

Download and print this cut and paste practice packet for young children – it’s very simple because it has mostly straight lines. Plus, kids will be intrigued by the cool shapes like superheroes and dinosaurs. From The Activity Mom.

7. Farm Animals Cut & Paste Activity Worksheet

Image shows different farm animals printable worksheets. From Blogulo
Kids will love these animal worksheets!

This activity, besides being super cute, is helpful for children to develop their ability to use a pencil and scissors. Perfect for children aged 3 to 6. From Bogulo.

8. Cut And Paste Hearts Worksheets

Image shows different heart printables with patterns. From Planes and Balloons
Look at the beautiful designs!

These worksheets will be great for Valentine’s day or any time throughout the year, really. They are full of cute hearts and different patterns that children will surely enjoy. From Planes and Balloons.

9. Match the Font Cut and Paste Worksheet

Image shows a toddler cutting with toddler scissors. Idea from Moms have Questions Too.
Let’s learn pattern recognition too!

This cut and paste worksheet for preschool has 12 letters on the top, then the same 12 letters on the bottom. The trick is that the letters are all in different fonts! Besides being a cut and paste activity, it also enforces pattern recognition. From Moms Have Questions Too.

10. Space Themed Cut and Paste

Image shows a compilation of space-themed cut and paste activities. From Welcome to Mommyhood
We love activities that combine different themes!

If your kiddo loves everything related to space, then they’ll love this fun printable. It has a lovely space background and images to cut and paste onto the background. Let the creativity commence! From Welcome to Mommyhood.

11. FREE Printable Alphabet Cut-and-Paste Letter Tracing Worksheets

Image shows a printable alphabet worksheet for cut and paste activities. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun before.

These free printable cut and paste alphabet worksheets allow children to practice tracing letters and working on letter sounds while having fun. From 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

12. Skill Practice: Glue Stick Activity Bin-Skill Practice: Glue Stick Activity Bin

Image shows a toddler pasting different shapes into a black piece of paper. Idea from Busy Toddler
Creating a glue stick activity bin is so easy!

Teaching your toddler to properly use a glue stick can be a really fun and simple to set up toddler activity that introduces a pretty solid life skill. A glue bin is a great way to do it! From Busy Toddler.

Want more toddler activities? Try these from Kids Activities Blog:

Did you like these cut and paste activities for toddlers and beyond? Which one will you try first?

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