Cars, the movie and the toys are beloved friends of my four year old. .DIY cars play mat We love movies we can interact with.   We all watch movies.   They are great for those moments when we need a break, or when we have a sick kiddo, or for when we want a “special family tradition”.   Our family’s way of engaging the kids through movies is to incorporate them into our pretend play.   Let the movie be the diving board – for our ideas to bounce and explode off of! DIY cars play mat We also love toy cars, making them race, drive, dance, even sing (check out our car puppets)!   We were inspired by our favorite movie and by this parking garage by Kinderpendent, to create our own parking garage for Lightning McQueen and his buddies. . DIY cars play matTake 4 manilla folders, a marker, some tape, and we added a construction paper “city skyline” view.   Cut the ends off three of the folders (so they don’t have tabs). . Cut one of the other “tabbed” folders in half.   Tape the folders together so they make an accordion.   With the remaining folder.   Cut it lengthwise to make declines transitioning between the parking garage’s levels. . Get your cars out and have fun parking, driving, bonking, even chatting about which car is going to marry whom – that’s my 5 year old girl’s contribution. DIY cars play mat    

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