It is birthday season at our house. This year we are having an at-home party for the kids. Thanks to Fort Magic  for saving the day.  Fort Magic  has been a sponsor of Kids Activities Blog this year. We got our first Magic Fort kit about 4 months ago and it is by far one of the kids favorite toy sets. We have created, or attempted to create, everything you could imagine from houses to bathtubs, from skeletons to umbrellas.  The fort building and construction kit is worth it’s money! Your kids will have hours of creative fun from it! And today, the kit came to my rescue. What simple, basically free, activity can entertain 12 kids for an hour or two and leave my house intact with  the kids faces plastered with smiles? A balloon ball “Wigwam”! balloon party fort

DIY Balloon House for Kids

This Play House is made from the Fort Magic    parts, two queen sized sheets and 210 balloons. If you don’t have a Fort Magic  Kit you can buy one – click on the photos to head to their online store. We created a “box” using the fort lengths and connectors.  Then we added sheets around the bottom to contain the balloons.  We used the flat sheet in the back and the fitted sheet in the front.  You will want to have some slack of elastic from the fitted sheet over the door so your kids can pull on it to “enter” but it pops back up to keep the balloons inside.  Try and secure the two sheets to each other with safety pins.  We didn’t and the balloons began to escape.  Thankfully we caught it before it got too bad.  We also lined the floor under the sheets with several pillows.  your kids will be jumping and falling in the pit of balloons.  The pillows help keep bruises to a minimum. balloon party fort Fill up the box with as many balloons as you want!  We loved having several feet of balloons to wade through! On top, make a wigwam with the curved pieces of the Magic Fort.  These are the creative fun parts of the fort!!  Anyone can make a house, but not anyone can create an umbrella, a pitchfork, or a wigwam!  The curved pieces of the fort kit are a blast to add to the structures.  We added a domed “Wigwam” roof to our balloon house so the older kids had enough room to stand comfortably inside the “balloon house” but it still had the full-to-the-gills, balloons everywhere, ambiance.  And as the top was covered the balloons were not thrown all over the room – as much. Tip:  When you fill the balloons, do not fill them up all the way, we only blew our balloons up half their size.  This way the kids can jump on them and they are less likely to pop.   balloon party fort

Fort Magic Giveaway

We are thrilled that our dear friends at Fort Magic are letting us give away another set!  Use the box to enter below: a Rafflecopter giveaway Get these rubber connectors to make building forts easy! Good luck! Thanks so much to Fort Magic for supporting Kids Activities Blog and inspiring us in creative fun.

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