Mustache and Eye Glasses Mirror Clings

Kids. I have a 12 year old niece who is in that in-between stage.

She loves doing activities with us, our band bracelets and the peeps playdough were her recent favorites, but she’s also thinking about what is “cool” and sometimes our craft ideas don’t fit her interests. So I asked her what types of activities we need more of.   According to her, we *need* mustaches on our site. So, M, these are for you!

You just *might* get a set for your birthday!!

diy mustache and eye glasses clings


Supplies Needed:

Printable of our Mustaches and Eye Glasses
Fabric Paint (we used Red and Black)
Glass Casserole Dish
Optional: CD Cases (for storage)
Time, lots of time.


diy mustache and eye glasses clings

How to Make Window Clings

Make sure your dish is clean and free of grease.   You might want to rub it quickly with rubbing alcohol to make sure it’s clean enough.   Lay the printable of the mustaches underneath your casserole dish.   “Color” inside the lines of the face accessories with the fabric paint.   You will want the paint to be pretty thick, roughly 1/4th an inch deep.

Sit the dish somewhere for it to dry.   It will need to be completely dry before you can use the clings.   Our face parts took roughly 48 hours to fully cure.

Gently peel your clings off of the dish.   Store them in a CD case.

Mustache and Eye Glasses printableAll the things you can do with your mustache clings:

  • Decorate the mirror and make faces at your self.
  • Add one to the side of a cup.
  • Accessorize the back of your iphone, or the front of your locker.
  • Put them on a door/window and doodle the rest of the face with a dry eraser marker.

diy mustache and eye glasses clings
What would you do with a set of clings??   Let us know on our Facebook Wall.

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