These sticker ideas are sticker crafts and decal ideas that combine learning and fun for kids of all ages. Kids love stickers. With sticker crafts can take their cherished sticker collection to a new creative level. We love these sticker ideas and crafts at home or in the classroom.

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Let’s make sticker crafts!

Sticker Ideas

Stickers are a fun way to decorate things. Whether you have car stickers, fun stickers, cute stickers, bright stickers, you can use all type of stickers for this each of these super fun crafts.

These crafts are great for kids of all ages. Whether you’re making your own stickers, have small stickers, funny stickers, unique stickers, we have a good idea to use them all!

The best part is you will have beautiful art when you’re fun. Plus, it’s an excellent way to upcycle things you have at home.

Easy Sticker Ideas Kids Love

I’ve always said you can get kids to do anything for a sticker, and when they use them in their playtime and learning time, they end up having twice the fun! We have the best ideas!

1. Count Down to Something Special with the Help of Stickers

Make A Countdown Board  – Do you have a party or a big trip coming up? Let your kids count down to the big day with this Countdown board from Play Dr. Hutch.

2. Sticker Trading with a Reason

Secrets for a Sticker – If you want your kid to open up more, try this easy activity from Play Dr. Hutch where you trade stickers for them to tell you about their day!

3. Stickers as Entertainment

Traveling Fun – Never leave on a road trip without a roll of stickers for kids to play with while in the backseat.

4. Start Your Story with a Sticker Stone

Sticker Story Bag – Make a bag full of story starters with this early literacy activity from Little Life Long Learners.

–>More story ideas for kids using story stones

5. Sick Kids Love this Special Sticker

Temperature stickers are one of the coolest inventions ever for sick kids that don’t like their temperature taken all the time.

STicker Crafts for Kids

Sticker ideas- sticker stick puppets craft
Use stickers to make puppets!

6. Make Sticker Puppets

Sticker Stick Puppets  – You can make these stick puppets from Totally The Bomb in under a minute. So smart!

7. Decorate Puppets

Flip Flop Puppets – Use stickers to decorate flip flops for the cutest puppets!

8. Sticker Bracelet Craft

Sticker Bracelets  – I love these bracelets decorated with stickers from 3 Boys and a Dog.

–>Add stickers to these DIY craft stick bracelets

9. Rock Decorating Craft

Rock painting ideas can start with the inspiration of a simple sticker.

10. T-Shirt Craft for Kids

Make Your Own T-Shirt – Use the sticker resist technique to make your own clothes like they did here at The Nurture Store. Very cool!

11. Easy Way to Craft a Nose

Make Noses – Upside down heart stickers make the perfect animal nose! Still Playing School used them to make little chick beaks.

12. Card Making Crafts

Card making can start with the inspiration of a favorite sticker or collection of stickers.

13. Windchime Craft

Make Wind Chimes – Decorate your wind chimes with stickers you won’t believe what these wind chimes from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails are made of!

14. Windsock Craft

Decorate a Wind Sock – Make a wind sock like Stir the Wonder did here and use stickers as a decoration since they’re light enough not to weigh down your wind sock!

–>Another windsock craft idea using stickers is red white and blue!

15. Piggy Bank Craft

Upcycled Piggy Banks – Use stickers to make these adorable Piggy Banks from Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails. Neat!

16. Minecraft Creeper Craft

Minecraft creeper craft is covered with stickers cut into blocks. Genius!

17. Star Wars Craft

R2D2 Trash can craft uses cut sticker sheets to decorate the iconic Star Wars character.

18. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

DIY wrapping paper can easily be made with the help of stickers.

DIY Games Made with Stickers

Sticker ideas- bottle caps with stickers and letters on it on a wood background
Learn words using bottle caps and letter stickers!

19. Word Game

Word Family Game – Use round stickers to make this word family learning activity.

20. Counting Game

Outdoor Counting Game  – Use stickers in this simple counting game from Days With Grey to get outside and run and play while learning basic math skills.

21. Sticker Matching Game

Matching Game – You can make a matching game in minutes with stickers. What a great idea from School Time Snippets.

22. Custom File Folder Game

File folder games are easy to make with stickers and can be created for your child’s ability level and easily stored away.

Sticker ARt Ideas

over 30 Sticker Crafts and activities for kids

23. Toddlers Make Art with Stickers

Dot-To-Dot  – What We Do All Day used circle stickers and let their toddlers make their own dot-to-dot pictures. That’s super fun.

24. Book Illustration Art

Illustrate a Book  – Kids can use stickers as story starters. The Nurture Store used them to make great book illustrations.

25. Nail Sticker Art

Silly Nail Art  – When your little one wants cute nails, but won’t sit still this cute nail art trick from Totally The Bomb is perfect.

26. Adding Stickers to Artwork

Add Stickers to Kid’s Art – Dress up a simple drawing or painting with some stickers. Kids will love making their own background for their stickers.

27. Sticker Drawings

Sticker Drawings – Use stickers as the base in your drawings like they did at Childhood 101. It makes for the coolest kid’s artwork! Doesn’t matter what kind of sticker you have, you can make beautiful art.

28. Sticker Resist Art Painting

Sticker Resist Painting – I love love how What We Do All Day used stickers to make resist paintings. So awesome! Your art will have super creative sticker designs and look awesome.

29. Shape Art

Shape Sticker Art – Have your kids use different shape stickers to make up simple objects. Love this idea from Busy Toddler. What a fantastic way to use up some stickers!

30. Canvas Art Using Stickers

Make Canvas Art – Use sticker resist and alphabet letters to make a cool canvas to hang in your house like this one from Play Dr. Mom.

–>Tape painting ideas use rolled stickers for resist

STicker Learning Activities

over 30 sticker crafts and activities

31. Learn the Moon Phases

Learn Phases of the Moon  – Use stickers and a calendar to learn the moon phases. A simple and brilliant idea from What We Do All Day.

32. Use Stickers to Learn Math

  • Counting Fun – Add stickers to a barrel of monkeys to turn this classic game into a counting lesson.
  • Counting With Stickers – Dabbling Momma used stickers as counters, and it’s a brilliant way to practice numbers!

33. Use Stickers to Learn Alphabet & Reading

  • Make Your Own Alphabet Flashcards  – Use stickers to make your own letter sound flashcards. So easy!
  • Sticker Letter Learning – B Inspired Mama used stickers to asses her child’s letter and shape learning progress. What a neat way to find out what your kid needs to work on.
  • Sticker Spelling  – School Time Snippets used letter stickers for this fun spelling practice.
  • Word Family Fun  – Use stickers to teach kids about word families. It’s a great way to learn basic chunking!
  • Bilingual Practice – Use stickers to teach different languages like Toddlefast did here!

34. Fine Motor Skills Practice

Scissor Skill Practice – Using stickers to learn how to use stickers is brilliant. We love this easy learning activity from Sugar Aunts.

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What sticker idea are you going to try first? My favorite is always the sticker crafts!

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