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Early Learning:

Rory is currently learning ABCs.   She is not even 2 and can already point and name every letter. One of the reasons why I think she has caught on so quickly to the abc’s is because of the Animal Alphabet Cards we made. The Animal Alphabet Cards take little to no time to make (depending on how detailed you want the pictures) and Rory absolutely loves them! We already had index cards around the house, nothing special: just plain regular old index cards and after a trip to the craft store got some self adhesive felt ABCs that included numbers. Here is a list of everything we used, but keep in mind, you can customize these cards any way you would like!

How to Make Animal Alphabet Cards:

  • Index cards
  • Letters (optional, you can always draw them on yourself)
  • Anything beginning with ABC that you would like to put on the back, we used animals but you can use anything you would like.
  • glue
  • Markers
We decided to use animals for the back of the cards, since Rory loves animals.   We used my Cricut machine and the cartridge,   Create a Critter   to make our animals.   Its completely fine if you don't have a diecut machine, in the scrapbooking section of many craft store many craft stores there are stickers of animals that you could use, or you can simply print out pictures from the internet: whatever is easiest for you! Rory likes to use my Cricut machine, so we went in this direction.   I really wanted to use animals for the back of the cards not just because Rory loves animals, but because she LOVES to make animal noises for all of the critters that are on the cards.   Another perk of using animals is being able to talk about what colors the animals are, and my favorite, pretending to be the animals. We stuck the felt ABC stickers on one side of the index cards.   On the other side we glued the critters and wrote the animals name.   It was so was so easy and so simple to do!   The hardest part was making the critters; but as I said before, you don’t have to make your own critters. early learning collage 2 It is really neat to watch Rory with her Animal Alphabet Cards!   She will ask to play with them, and will set them in ABC order and from 1-10.   She also likes to group the animals together and sometimes make them play.   She will group some of the jungle, beach and farm animals together and will make their sound.   (Which can be really difficult, because I have no idea what kind of sounds an octopus makes!   But we make it up!) Having the animals name written on the back is also an additional practice for for letters.   When she looks at L card she will read back L-I-O-N to me. The Animal Alphabet Cards are just such a great learning activity for you and your child to do together.   Hope you enjoy!
Early learning is fun to watch as your child’s eyes light up with pride at what they have accomplished.   The Quirky Mommas want to share a few more ideas for teaching the alphabet the little ones:

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