Get ready for the most brilliant invention EVER – Fever Stickers! Stick a fever sticker on your child’s forehead and you can tell their temperature at any time. You will be able to tell if they have a high temperature WITHOUT waking them up.

fever stickers can tell if child has fever without waking them up - Kids Activities Blog - baby laying in bed crying
Waking a sick sleeping baby is never a good plan!

Forehead Temperature Stick-On Fever Indicators 

Traditional thermometers are bulky, cold and invasive (especially the rectal ones) but do you know what isn’t?

Stickers! <–fever sticker forehead edition 🙂

Kids love stickers.  And a cute sticker is a comfort to a child instead of a scary invasive process.

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child wearing a fever bugz sticker - child wrapped in towel outside with fever sticker on chest
Fever stickers can be used to alert parents of fever on the child anywhere.

Physio Logic Fever Bugz Stick On Fever Indicators

These Physio Logic’s Fever-Bugz Stick on Fever Indicators are an essential addition to your travel bag and first aid kit.

  • Each stick-on “thermometer” can monitor your child’s fever for up to 48 hours without disturbing them, especially when they are asleep.  
  • Readings are accurate within one degree Fahrenheit, making them a great indication of a fever or not.
Physio Logic Feber-Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicator bugs - child sleeping with fever bug on forehead
A fever bug can last up to 48 hours!

They come in really cute bug themes which kids love.

Here is one mom’s experience with these fever bugs…you might recognize her!

Reading the Temperature on a Fever Sticker

This is Life’s Lisa Ling shared her experience with these stick-on thermometers on Facebook and it makes us want them even more.

“Put them on your kid’s head when they’re sleeping and the sticker will indicate whether she is feverish or not, you can’t see the little black dots in this pic, but they read 37 (about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and N for normal.”

Physio Logic Fever Bugz Stick on Fever Indicator - how to read them
This is how easy it is to read a Fever Bugz Sticker.

Where to Buy Stick-On Fever Indicators

Buy your Physio Logic Fever Bugz on Amazon. You can also find them at your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart or grocery store pharmacy.

We found a few other options that you might consider if you like the idea of using a sticker instead of a traditional thermometer…

child with forehead fever stickers - forehead temperature thermometer strips cartoon variety
These instant read strips are shaped in cartoon animal characters.

1. Cartoon Forehead Temperature Thermometer Strips

This set of Forehead Temperature Thermometer Strips is a little less expensive than the others we found.  They are also adhesive stickers that a child can wear up to 48 hours.

This thermometer sticker is also made for one use.

cat fever sticker from Sweetie Stick-On Fever Indicator
Another option is from Sweetie…

2. Sweetie Stick-On Fever Indicator Liquid Crystal Thermometer Stickers

These Sweetie Stick On Fever Indicator Liquid Crystal Thermometer Patch Strip Stickers for Kids Baby and Adults come in a 6 pack and are reasonably priced as well.

They also are for one use and can be worn up to 48 hours in a row.

Using Fever Stickers with Your Sick Kids

While fever stickers are not meant to be a replacement for a thermometer, they definitely are a great, and affordable, option for travel and for those nights when waking a sick child just seems like the worst idea ever.  

teddy bear with a cold
Having sick kids is never fun, but making it easier can help get through it.

What else is a necessity when traveling over the holidays with small children?

We also recommend these 10 Gadgets to Make Traveling with Babies a Breeze.

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Have you ever used fever stickers?  What did you think?

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