My family is very Irish, and although St. Patrick’s Day is a year round holiday for us, we still celebrate St. Patrick’s day on March 17th.   Since I haven’t been home for St. Patrick’s day in so long, we figured we needed to send some St. Patrick’s day fun to our friends and family. This week to get ready for St. Patrick’s day we made green pepper shamrock stamps!   I  wish I was creative enough to think of this on my own, however; when I was at a yard sale (back in the days when we lived in the Midwest) I stumbled across a mother who was getting rid of some homeschooling books and I snatched up the one on holiday fun for the family. Related: Shamrock coloring pages This activity is very simple and cute.   It can be for as long as short or as long you would like.  It is also a pretty inexpensive activity~which is great for many of us moms!  I also used this opportunity to keep informing Rory about the color green- Green pepper, Green Paint, Green stamps, Green Stickers. Materials needed:
  • Green peppers: I got 2 one that looked like it could be a 3 leaf clover and one that looked like it was a 4 leaf clover (See picture below)
  • Knife for cutting
  • paint- green of course 😉
  • paintbrush (or you can use your fingers)
  • paper
  • decorating supplies (if wanted)
*I also put Rory in an old shirt so she didn’t get paint all over her clothes….she still got some paint on her clothes but not as much as she normally would! Kid painting veggies I cut the peppers on the bottom, and although you can use the whole pepper as the stamp, because my family is vegetarian and we love our peppers, I only cut a little piece of the pepper to use as a stamp. It is important that when you make the cut on the pepper that you cut them straight or else one side of the shamrock will be darker than the other.   You can tell by the bottom of the peppers if they are going to be a 3 leaf clover or a 4 leaf shamrock.   Once the pepper is cut you can see how it forms the shamrock.   All you have to do then is paint the bottom of the pepper and stamp it on paper. Art with food - stamping When the shamrocks are all dry you can embellish them however you choose! How does your family celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

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  1. Hello,

    I was perusing the web, looking for great St. Patricks Day activities to share with the pediatric therapy professionals we serve, and found your shamrock pepper stamping I was wondering if I could have permission to feature the photo on our Instagram feed.


    As you may know, I am unable to create a clickable link to your post through Instagram but I would obviously credit your blog and put a link to the specific page the post came from along with suggestion that they visit that page on your blog for directions and more pictures in the description if that works…

    Here is the post that has the image I would love to share

    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. So hard to find fun food ideas – fantastic – I will add this to my brussel sprout stamping flower idea

  3. Havalyn, I tried this today with my son (3), niece (5) and nephew (4) and they had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I’m really sorry to have to say this, but there are little children in this world starving to death and you recommend using food for fun and then throwing it in the trash? Seriously??? I like what you made of it, but is there really no other way than wasting food???
    And also, think about what you are teaching your child by doing this and what you want the future of your children and grandchildren to be!
    Please think about it.

  5. I’ve never seen that done with a Pepper Quirky Momma! Fantastic Idea! My Grandson would love this!!