This week's pick for our  best blog  feature is The Freckled Homeschooler.

We are featuring an interview with Crystal today and rounding up some of our favorite The Freckled Homeschooler posts this afternoon.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won't want to miss!

The Freckled Homeschooler

Best Blog

Crystal at  The Freckled Homeschooler  is just    like most parents who feel the responsibility to give her children the best life possible. Because of this, they are a homeschooling family.

The Freckled Homeschooler

We are interviewing Crystal today to find out about the mom behind The Freckled Homeschooler.

Why did you begin blogging?

I got into blogging because I wanted to document my children’s homeschooling and share my ideas with others. Before my daughter was born I was a high school art teacher. I left work in order to stay home with the children, focus on my photography business, and start my son’s preschool homeschool. I felt like with my education experience I had something to offer.

What do you hope to inspire in the parents who read your blog?

I hope that I am able to aid parents in their homeschooling journey, whether they use the curriculums that I have designed or use my activities to enhance their own curriculums. I hope that other parents are inspired by activities we do and adventures that we have.

What is it like to live in your home?

I have two beautiful children. My son, who I refer to on the blog as Big B, is 3. He is a brilliant child and loves homeschooling. Currently he is big into art and science and has an amazing way with animals. My daughter, who I refer to as Little B, was born in April 2012, as a sweet, beautiful, happy baby. She smiles almost constantly, showing off of her amazing dimples that she got from her daddy.

the freckled homeschooler

What are your kids favorite activities?

Since Little B is just a baby she is usually just along for the ride, but as a family our favorite activity to do together is to work on our farm and spend time with our animals. It’s a great thing to do as a family.

What is important to YOU as a blogger?

I have designed a pre-school and kindergarten curriculum that can be found on the blog.

What is your advice to readers?

My advice to homeschooling readers is don’t be afraid to shape and mold your homeschooling curriculums to fit your child’s specific needs and interests.

More The Freckled Homeschooler

You can catch Crystal and The Freckled Homeschooler on Facebook, Pinterest and as @TheFreckledHSer on Twitter

Thanks so much Crystal for sharing with us a glimpse of your homeschool journey! We are inspired by your lessons and activities as well as your family farming!

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