The month of January is a fresh start and it begins with one of the most important days of them all – New Year’s Day! January 1st is the beginning of a new year and what better way to start the new year than with free printable January calendars in black and white and color options?

Black and white January printable; lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a light brown background.
Our January calendar is all ready to be downloaded and printed!

Blank January Calendar Pages to Print

Use the free printables to mark important dates, a federal holiday like Martin Luther King Jr. day, special events or any personal use you can think of! Click the blue button to download and print the January calendar template:

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These Free Printable Calendars are in PDF format and perfect for any personal use you can think of – You can leave them blank and add your own calendar design or fill the entire month with holidays, special days and other observances. We know that the vast majority of our schedules and lives are digital these days, but there’s nothing like creating a daily schedule or jotting down the to-dos for a special day of the month on real paper with a real marker! 

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January Calendar in Full Color

Full color January printable, for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
Get a full color or black and white version, both are free!

Our first January calendar is a full-color printable – ready to be downloaded, printed, and used. There’s no need to decorate it, so you can use it straight away after printing it.

Black and White January Calendar

Black and white January printable, for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
You can also download our black and white version.

Our second January printable is a black-and-white version, meaning you can use markers, crayons and coloring pencils to make it colorful in your own way! Give a copy to your kids so they can decorate it too.

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR January Calendar Printable

January Calendar Tips

The first month of the year sets the tone for the rest of the year – To make the most of the start of a new year and the first special days of the year and ensure that the next month and the rest of the months are super optimized, take heed of the following awesome January calendar tips!

  • Keep one blank January calendar for your ‘top of the dome’ ideas and freestyle scribbles.
  • Keep another January calendar to mark major holidays in the United States or an international holiday of interest. 
  • Click on the link below to download the PDF files of your free printable January calendars! 
  • Print a monthly planner for the whole family, especially the kids – What better way to teach them how to plan and schedule their lives? 
  • Tag important events with special patterns or colors to ensure a quick and easy view at all times. 
  • Always ensure ample space for brainstorms and moments of inspired genius! 
  • Play with the paper size and create small, regular, and massive calendars depending on your needs. 
  • Include a space to include one great idea per day and see how many you implemented at the end of the month.
  • Be proactive and plan around that notorious third Monday of January (Blue Monday) by scheduling some uplifting and positive activities!
  • Celebrate a January federal holiday like Martin Luther King Jr. Day by including special facts about the day (For example, ‘Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. won a Nobel Peace Prize?)



Make the first month of the new year a sign of things to come by getting creative, organized and having some fun!

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