Red Ted Art is on our list of best blog. I love reading kids activities blogs and have identified some of  the best.  Each Saturday this year we are going to feature a blogger who loves playing and crafting with kids as much as we do!

Best Blog

Red Ted Art Blog

This week, we interviewed Maggy, of Red Ted Art.   She is a blogger that has inspired me when I first started blogging. I love her, how she strives to help others have a go at crafting with their kids, especially if they think crafting isn't for them.   I hope you love her blogging story . Cool Kids Craft Blog with lots of kids activities: Red Ted Art

Kids Craft Ideas… She has them!

Why did Maggy begin blogging? When Maggy first started blog it was a way to promote my “business” of selling artwork for kids. I wanted to offer “something for free” to draw in people to my site. So did   a couple of crafts. And quickly she discovered that she enjoyed the crafting and blogging side much much more than the art selling side (which was promptly ditched). Blogging provided her with a creative outlet and “something to do other than just kids’ nappies”. Who are the “Red Ted” Kids? Maggy has a boy almost 5 years old and a girl who is 3 years old.   She nick named them Red Ted and Pip Squeak on the blog. Red Ted loves to draw and make things from junk. Pip Squeak loves painting and sticking things. Both adore crafts and love having a go at something new. Perfect “victims”!

Cool Kids Craft Blog with lots of kids activities: Red Ted Art

Kids Crafts Blog

But!!!   It’s more than just crafts!! You may have gathered the theme of “crafts” in Red Ted Art. They love to craft. Mainly because Maggy (aka Mom) loves crafting… and the kids just love having a go. *But* they also like to bake together. I suspect the children just want to lick the spoon or eat the dough… but they are always pleased to help! When it comes to being insecure about your kids and their crafting abilities (or your abilities to tolerate a mess), Maggy has some great advice, When it comes to your kids trust your instincts.   Her blog features activities for free “ or independent crafting “ as well as directed projects . Stop by and tell her you love Red Ted and his art – You can find Maggy and Red Ted on Facebook, twitter, G+and they have a fun collection of boards on Pinterest!! P.S.   If you are in the UK, check out her new book – you are able to pre-order it on Amazon this January and it should be in bookstores in March! Watch Kids Activities Blog later today for some of Maggy’s favorite posts from Red Ted Art.  

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