It's another week of Best Blog!  Today we are taking a closer look at 3 Dinosaur Blog.  Each week we are featuring one of our favorite Kids Activities Blogger. Best Blogs:  A review of the blog, 3 Dinosaurs This week we interviewed Cassie of 3 Dinosaurs. I love her site for all the printables that they have – for free!   It’s a great resource for workbook-type materials for kids who just can’t get enough of learning activities! We have her Bob Books beginning readers pack and love them – a perk: the printables to go with the books are totally free!!

3 Dinosaurs Blog

Thanks Cassie for letting us interview you and telling us of all the adventures you go on together with your girls, and your blog.Mom to Mom blog feature of 3 Dinosaurs Cassies blogging journey began with her printables.   She creates a bunch of printables that are *terrific* to use with your kids.   Her friends wanted her to publicize the printables that she was using with her girls for others to use.      Of her blog, Three Dinosaurs, Cassie says, I hope to give readers ideas of things they can do with their kids. I love crafts and books. I try and center a lot of what we do with books. I hope that they would find something new to help with their kids that I love to use with mine. The name three dinosaurs comes from the three gals in the Osborne house: Rose is 7 year old who loves dinosaurs and animals. Amelia is 5 year old who loves fairies and space.  Mary is 2 1/2 and a bright sunshine. She loves to sit with a sensory bin and play for hours. Her current favorite activity is to play with buttons. When I asked Cassie what her family's favorite kids activity is, she said, Gross motor is my favorite [type of] kids activity, because I can get involved with doing it with them. It is not just me teaching. It is a side by side activity that is very hands on. The kids love to go walking or hiking just to see what we can find. “Never let go of the idea that being kids should be fun and learning should be fun as well.” Want to read more about her troop and their adventures?   Check out the Three Dinosaurs on facebook, their collections of activities in pinterest boards, and their tweets.

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