Looking for a fun game for your Valentine’s day party? Whether you’re planning a classroom party, a fun family game night, or just looking for a fun activity to celebrate the season of love, our Valentine’s Day Bingo game is sure to bring joy to everyone involved!

Full color set of printable Valentine’s Day bingo games coupons with different cards and heart tokens to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on top of blue-green and purple sheets with assorted crayons on a dark grey background. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
Full color Valentine’s Day bingo game!

Valentines Day Bingo Cards

Today we’re excited to offer both free and paid printable versions of the game. Large groups, small groups — it doesn’t really matter! Gather your loved ones, grab your bingo markers, and get ready for a fun game of bingo!

We’ve got two Valentine’s Day bingo sets for you to download and print: 

BTW, keep reading because at the bottom of this post you’ll find more fun Valentine’s day game ideas!

For those seeking a full set of vibrant and engaging unique bingo cards, our paid version has all you need for a Valentine’s Day-themed bingo game. Priced at just $1.49, this package includes:

  • A set of 10 beautifully designed Valentine’s Day bingo cards, featuring charming themed illustrations and unique card layouts.
  • Three additional easy cards specially crafted for younger children, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun.
  • A page of heart-shaped tokens to use as game pieces, adding an extra touch of whimsy to the experience.

Buy full-color Valentine’s Day Bingo Game for $1.49

Free printable Valentine’s bingo game

Screenshot of black and white blank grid for Valentine's Day bingo game. printable pdf from kids activities blog
Our free version includes a blank grid where you can draw your own designs.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing fun, our free printable bingo cards are just what you need. These free printables include:

  • One page featuring black and white Valentine’s Day Bingo grids
  • A separate page of heart tokens to print and cut out.

PDF File Free download –> Black-and-white Valentine’s Day Bingo game

Screenshot of black and white heart tokens for Valentine's Day bingo game. printable pdf from kids activities blog
It also includes heart tokens!

How to Play Bingo:

  1. Download and print our Valentine’s Day bingo game and tokens.
  2. Cut the heart tokens along the line.
  3. Hand different cards to each player, ensuring everyone has a unique card.
  4. Give each player a handful of heart tokens.
  5. Designate a caller to randomly draw calling cards from a shuffled deck or bowl.
  6. As the caller announces each item on the calling card, players mark the corresponding spaces on their bingo cards.
  7. The first player to complete a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) shouts “Bingo!” to win the round!

If you get our free version, the instructions are the same, except you have to draw Valentine’s Day-themed pictures on each bingo card. You can also use stamps and stickers!

let’s play valentine’s day bingo

Our Valentine’s Day Bingo game is a perfect activity for a variety of settings and age groups, from little kids to adults. Whether it’s a classroom party, a family game night, or a gathering of friends, this fun-filled game fosters social interaction, reinforces vocabulary words, and promotes cognitive skills.

It’s an ideal addition to classroom parties for kindergarten students and 1st-grade students, as well as an entertaining activity for older kids and even adults at family gatherings or Valentine’s Day parties. So, get our Valentine’s Day Bingo game!


We hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! Did you play our Valentine’s Day bingo games?

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