Looking for the perfect way to express your love and affection? Look no further! Love coupons are the ultimate tokens of affection, offering personalized gestures that speak volumes without breaking the bank. Whether it’s for a special occasion like an anniversary, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or simply to show appreciation on an ordinary day, printable love coupons are the best gift you can give.

Full color set of printable love coupons for adults with 15 different designs to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day or other special occasions.
Love coupons for adults!

We’ve got two love coupon sets for you to download and print: 

  • free blank love coupons to fill out with your own ideas
  • paid love coupons in full color with endless options for all the family, including kids and adults.

Keep reading to find out what each set has!

Love Coupon bundle

Buy the love coupons for kids and adults in full color here

Our love coupons are unique and thoughtful gifts that show appreciation, affection, and commitment to a loved one. This bundle is the perfect way to cater to different love languages and includes 15 love coupons for adults and 15 love coupons for kids. Love coupon ideas for adults include a weekend away, snuggle time, and breakfast in bed, among others.

Full color set of printable love coupons for kids with 15 different designs to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day or other special occasions.
Love coupons for kids!

Our love coupon ideas for kids include ice cream day, a game night, a family picnic, and a movie night, and many more cool ideas your kids will absolutely love!

The best part is that each coupon is beautifully crafted in full color and the love coupons for kids and adults cost only $1.49!

This love coupon bundle comes in different formats for your convenience: .png, .svg, and .ai, making them the perfect set of love coupons!

Buy the love coupons for kids and adults in full color here

Free Blank Love Coupons

Screenshot of black and white blank love coupons facts for kids
Free blank love coupons!

As for our free black and white coupons, they are blank – which means you can make your own coupons and write whatever you want in them that the recipient will love, making them completely personalized. Use different coloring methods to make them stand out: watercolor, markers, and even crayons! 

These free printable love coupons come in .pdf, ready to be downloaded and printed right this moment.

Download free blank black-and-white love coupons

Creating Your Own Love Coupons

DIY Coupon Essentials

To create your own DIY love coupons, start by gathering some essential materials:

  • Cardstock or heavy paper
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • A hole punch and rings or ribbon 
  • Pens, markers, stickers or colored pencils

As you can see, it doesn’t take much time or money to create a beautiful and personalized DIY coupon book for your loved ones!

Steps to Making a DIY Love Coupon Book

For the Blank Love Coupons:

  1. Download our free printable blank coupons to add your own personalized activities and creative ideas.
  2. Use Adobe Reader to print the individual coupons onto sturdy paper or cardstock. 
  3. Create a cover for your book and add any additional decorations with stickers, colors, and more.
  4. Stack your customized coupons together with the cover on top. Punch holes in one edge using a thread with ribbon, and tie into a bow.
  5. Gift your personalized coupon book to your recipient and encourage them to redeem their coupons for special treats or activities.

For the Love Coupons Bundle:

  1. Purchase and download the Love Coupons Bundle for kids and adults.
  2. Open the printable love coupon book and print it onto sturdy paper or cardstock. 
  3. Decide on the order of coupons and stack them with the cover on top. Optionally, include any additional designs or decorations.
  4. Punch holes in one edge of the coupons, thread with ribbon, and tie into a bow to hold the coupons together.
  5. Gift your coupon book to your recipient and create memorable experiences and cherished moments!

Ideas for Coupons

To get started, think about your partner’s likes, interests, and hobbies, and come up with your own coupon ideas that cater to these preferences. Remember, it’s the little gestures and thoughtful details that make the coupons feel special. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Family Game Night
  • Home-cooked meal and dessert
  • Movie Night with Popcorn
  • Road trip
  • Baking Together
  • Spa day 
  • Little gift
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • DIY Pizza Night
  • Family Bike Ride

Here are some ideas to make your book of love coupons stand out:

  • Handwritten Note: Attach a handwritten note expressing your love!
  • Special Box: Place the coupon book in a decorative wooden box or a personalized keepsake box.
  • Ribbon or Bow: Tie the coupons together with a colorful ribbon or bow.
  • DIY Envelope: Create a handmade envelope using decorative paper or cardstock to hold the coupon book securely.
  • Scrapbook Album: Arrange the coupons in a scrapbook album, adding photos to make it more special.
  • Mason Jar: Roll up the coupons and place them in a mason jar, tied with a ribbon or twine.
  • Photo Frame: Place the coupon book in a photo frame with a meaningful picture of the family.
  • Gift Basket: Create a gift basket with the coupon book along with some sweet treats.

Give the coupons an expiration date to encourage your partner and kids to use the love coupons!


We hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day! Did you use our love coupons to celebrate it?

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