Heart art is an expression of love and it is the perfect way to decorate these adorable greeting cards.  The cute hearts on these cards are special though because they are made with finger print art!  Kids Activities Blog hopes that you and your child will enjoy some special time together as you make these sweet hearts to share with your loved ones.

Express your love with this heart art project for kids

Heart Art

Materials needed for this heart art craft:
  • construction paper
  • stamp pad- we used white, but you can use any color you want
  • paper for a card
  • scissors
  • pen
  • glue
  • any embellishments you would like to use

Finger Print Art

We began making these hearts with some pink construction paper and the white stamp pad.   We started by dipping one thumb in the white ink pad, then pressed it at a slight angle to the left on the pink construction paper.   We then dipped the other thumb in the white ink pad and pressed it at a slight angle to the right.  This creates a special one of a kind heart! I repeated this step with my thumbprints so we could do a mommy and daughter thumbprint heart.   You can choose to do whatever you want! Once the stamp was dry, we cut them out into hearts.   I then let Rory decorate the card any way she wanted to and we glued the hearts to the card. Thats it!   It is just that easy!

More Kids Activities

Express your love with your own creative heart art.  Do you have some other ideas for art with finger prints?  For more artistic kids activities, you might be interested in these ideas:

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