Thumbprint Art

thumbprint art

Kids love playing with ink stamp pads.     They use rubber stamps with them but they also like to stamp their hand or even their thumbprints.

Why not turn those simple thumbprints into a cute piece of art – Thumbprint Art!

All you need is some paper, ink stamps and a thin black marker.

ink stamp supplies

Let you child pick the colors they want to use.   They can stamp the ink on their finger or thumb.

stamping ink pad

Then stamp the paper.   They can stamp the tip of a finger for a small circular shape or their whole thumb for a larger more oval shape.


These little prints are cute by themselves but now is when the fun really begins.

Use the thin black marker to create little creatures from the prints.   I particularly love to get inspiration from Ed Emberley.   He has written several books showing how to make incredible creations with thumbprint art.

thumbprint collage

If you don’t have one of his books or you can’t find one at your local library then there are several places online that can give you some fun ideas.   This post on Fingerprint Fun has a clickable list of cute things to make out of your child’s thumbprints.

Once your child gets the hang of the basic creations, they can work on creating a full thumbprint scene.

Rachel turned her prints into a scene from Spring to make a get well card for a dear friend.

thumbprint card

What kind of fun friends can your child think of creating out of their thumbprints?   You just might be surprised at the wonderful ideas they will come up with!


  1. this is soooo cute! oh my list for next week!!

  2. How cute! That card would certainly cheer me up.
    Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday. Have a great weekend!

  3. This is a great idea – thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

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