This Preschool fall craft is perfect for little finger tips!   It is something that can be made at home to celebrate the beautiful colors of the fall season while also making a sweet keepsake of your little ones foot print and finger prints making it a treasured preschool fall craft. My daughter and I have been looking at the changing colors of the fall season.   On our recent nature walk, she collected green, brown, yellow, orange, and red leaves.   Her favorite color is red because “it is almost like the color pink” which is truly her favorite color.   We used the collected leaves to make a fall season collage.

preschool fall craft

Preschool Fall Craft

I wanted my little girl to create a tree craft of her own to remember the fall season beauty that we saw on our walk.   So I planned out this {age appropriate} preschool craft that would also capture her cute little 3 year old foot print and finger prints.   I love holding on to projects like this because they are a keepsake of my child’s little feet and fingers.   Someday I’ll look back on this and remember how little my baby once was.

Fall Craft for Preschoolers

This tree craft is very simple.   We used white paper and paint in fall season colors. First I painted the bottom of her foot brown with a paint brush.   Oh how this tickled her!   There was a lot of giggling and squirming.   Next time I’ll just let her stamp her foot in a puddle of brown paint.   I thought that would be too messy but it might actually work better than the way I came up with! Then I asked her to step on the piece of paper to make a brown foot print.   This will be the trunk and branches of her tree craft. footprint art Next, I told her that her finger prints would be the leaves.   She told me the paint colors that she wanted to use. She had so much fun stamping her colorful little finger prints all over the page.   She even made some falling leaves along the side of the tree. fingerprints Finally she smeared some green and brown paint along the bottom of her page because she said her tree needed to be in the grass and dirt.   I loved letting her make her tree craft however she wanted to. tree craft I wanted to make sure that her footprint really stood out among all of those finger prints so I outlined it with a black marker then decided to outline the edges of the tree as well.   This isn’t really necessary because the tree looks cute with just their finger prints all over it.

More Preschool Fall Crafts

Do you have any other ideas for a tree craft to celebrate the fall season?   If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.   In the meantime, please check out these other fall-related kids activities:

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