Costco has nearly everything you need to stock your home full with goodies.

And if you thought you had given nearly every Costco bakery item a try, think again…

Costco is now selling a new 5-pound peanut butter chocolate pie and people are losing their minds over it!


This 4.5 pounds of pie is described as having a graham cracker crust then a layer of peanut butter filling followed by a light chocolate mousse on top and it’s finished with a piping of peanut butter frosting on top.


As you can imagine, people are freaking out all over social media saying things like:

So need this!!!



You needed to keep this one a secret. My sweet tooth can’t hold back


I feel the same here!!


With this much pie, you need to gather your friends and family and get ready to devour it.


This nearly 5 pound pie is priced at $19.99 and if you’re lucky, you’ll find it in-store at your local Costco now.


Ahhh I cannot wait to get my hands on one!

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