I love Costco rugs and you will too when you see these super cute fall rugs! I love fall, and if you do too then you’re gonna adore these Costco rugs. These fall rugs are the absolutely cutest and reasonably priced…it doesn’t get much better than that! Cute fall Costco rugs and a low price? Yes, please!

Costco Fall Rugs- Stacks of rugs at costco on a pallet with a price tag above 19.99
Are you ready for these fall rugs?!

Fall Costco Rugs

Fall is in the air at Costco! And I’m here for it. I love fall. Fall is the best season. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the leaves are turning colors. And hello, pumpkin spice and apple cider, yum! But Costco just made it better with these fall rugs.

Costco currently has a mix of fall, Halloween and Christmas decor available and part of that collection is these fall accent rugs. And they are absolutely adorable.

Costco Fall Rug- Blue truck with pumpkin and gnomes stacked on a pallet
All of these fall rugs are cute! Which one will you choose?

I don’t know about you, but I like to go all out for Fall and Halloween right down to the choice of rug I have and that is why I am so excited about these.

I hope you’re as excited as I am because the Costco fall rugs have all of the classic colors, pictures, and phrases of fall! Perfect to match any fall decor you may have! These jewel toned colors and pretty pictures are perfect!

Costco Fall Rug- Hello fall gray rug with colorful fall flowers and leaves
These rugs are a good size at 22.5 in x 38 in.

More About These Super Adorable Fall Costco Rugs

Costco currently has 4 different designs to choose from included a leave with “Hello Fall”, a Truck with Gnomes, A Dog with a wagon full of pumpkins and pumpkins and fall flowers.

These rugs are 22.5 in. x 38 in. in size making them perfect for a kitchen or even entry way into the house.

Costco fall rug- cardboard box showing 4 different rugs- hello fall, blue truck, dog and pumpkins, pumpkins and flowers
I’m not sure which ones I’m going to get…

Honestly, I can’t decide which one I want. I may end up getting a few of them. I really like rugs in front of sinks. So I think the blue truck one would go well in my kitchen.

But I’m torn about the bathroom sinks… Hello Fall or the floral and pumpkin mat? I can’t decide!

I think the dog holding a sunflower and pumpkin wagon would be perfect by the front and backdoors! Ugh, I want them all!

Far shot of Costco Fall Rugs- Stacks of rugs at costco on a pallet with a price tag above 19.99
Get yours today!

Where To Find These Cute Fall Costco Rugs?

You can find these fall accent rugs inside your local Costco for $19.99 each.

Image Of Costco Fall Rugs- Hello fall rug on top of blue truck rug
Don’t have a Costco? Check out some of our other favorite fall rugs!

Some Of Our Favorite Fall Rugs At Kids Activities Blog

Fall rugs- orange and black plaid- welcome to our pumpkin patch- hello pumpkin orange and black plaid
If you don’t have Costco, no worries, these are some of our favorites!

Don’t have a Costco? Check out some of our other favorite fall rugs!

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