The perfect holiday appetizer does exist…

Costco went and made something worth sharing with the ones you love during the holiday season… pull apart cheese bread!

Now, I know this is something people have talked about for quite some time but I have never been able to find this at my local Costco for years (until recently).

So, I thought it was totally worth sharing in case it was the same for you and your store.

This Tipiak Pull Apart Cheese Bread is filled with emmentaler, mozzarella and brie cheese.

You simply pop it in the oven to heat it up and when ready, you just pull out the bread along with some ooey, gooey cheese!!

At just $13.49 (depending on the location) this would make a perfect holiday appetizer or really the perfect snack.

You can grab it at your local Costco store now (it is in the refrigerated section).

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