Calling all LEGO fans!

If you are currently in the market for a new house. Perhaps one filled with color and adventure lurking around each corner, this is for you…

There is currently a house listed on Zillow that was made for the LEGO lover in mind.

From the outside it looks like a pretty normal house but when you take a look inside…

Nearly every single room has some sort of LEGO theme to it and it is incredibly cool.

The house is located in Kenosha, WI and is currently listed at $250,000 complete with 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath and nearly 2,114 square feet of living space.

Every room including the kitchen and bathrooms has some sort of LEGO look to it. I truly love that LEGO backsplash in the kitchen!!

So, if you’re looking for a house that passes the vibe check on fun, adventure and of course, LEGOs you need to buy this house.

You can check out the full house here.

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