This Dinosaur Night Light Is So Cute, You Need One

Cute night lights for the win!!

I was browsing Amazon looking for cute night lights for my kids when I came across this adorable Dinosaur Night Light.

Honestly, it’s so cute, I need it and so do you!

This dinosaur night light is made of silicone so it has a soft texture making it perfect for kids!

To turn it on, simply double-click the switch button and it will automatically switch off in 45 minutes. Providing children with sweet and warmth light?

It comes with a USB charging cable so you can always have your light ready for use.

It’s perfect for kids who are afraid of the dark, perfect to take camping and even just to add a cute little dinosaur decor to their room.

It comes in two different colors: green/red and pink/orange.

You can get this adorable Dinosaur Light from Amazon for $16.99 here.


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