If you’re like me, you’ve always stared at magic tricks in wonder, but also known they were just an illusion and there HAS to be a not-so-secret secret about how they did it. A mystery lover at heart, I’ve Always prided myself in figuring out how tricks were accomplished and have been able to figure out quite a few over the years. This one, though. This one not only boggles me, it completely boggles the orangutan who is enjoying the trick. This man starts with a deck of cards. He picks out one card, shows it to the orangutan, and then SOMEHOW manages to force the card through the glass and onto the other side. Take a look!

The orangutan seems determined to give the card back to him and tries to imitate the trick, but to no avail. The cutest part is that he seems to have a ‘wand’ of sorts and I can almost imagine him saying ‘abracadabra’ as he does it. For the life of me I can not figure this one out, though, so to this magician I say hats off.

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Want to see an orangutan that laughs at magic trick? It’s so awesome.

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