The trees here have all lost their leaves. Even the tree that has taken root on the refrigerator is leafless. tree without snowflakesI thought it would be fun to put a cardboard tree with magnets on the refrigerator and have my almost four year old use it to explore and learn a variety of concepts while decorating it with snowflakes. snowflake tree

Snowflake Activities for Kids

Winter Textures

The snowflakes on the tree are made of a variety of types of paper and fabrics. I used flannel, foam, paper plates, foil, and bubble wrap on the tree.  
    • Young children would love to feel the different textures with their fingers as well as having them rubbed on their hands or cheeks.    
    • Preschoolers can help you describe the feel of the texture along with being introduced new vocabulary words that describe the texture. Words like smooth, rough, bumpy, shiny, thick, thin, wrinkled, etc.

Spatial Concepts using Prepositions

Children can be asked to select a snowflake and put in on a particular part of the tree.   They could be told the following prepositions as directions:
  •  Put in over the tree
  • Under the tree
  • Below a branch
  • Outside of the tree
  • Inside the tree
  • Over another snowflake
  • Beside the shiny snow flake

Seek and Find

My son loved this activity. I would ask him to find a particular snowflake on the tree. It was like playing hide and seek in plain site.   Here are some sample search statements:
  • Find a snowflake with diamonds and circles.
  • Find a shiny snowflake with a plus sign in it.
  • Find a fuzzy snowflake with a square in it.

Find Two That Match

One large and one small snowflakes was made from each type of material. I asked my son to find all the matches and then he grouped them together on the tree. We had a lot of fun coming up with new ways to use the snowflakes on our tree. I hope you will make one and explore learning concepts with it too. My name is JDaniel4's Mom and I blog at JDaniel4’s Mom. As the mom of a three going on four year old boy, I blog about our daily adventures in eating, playing, learning, and life. Photobucket

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  1. This would also be fun on a felt board! Our fridge is magnetic but I’ve heard a lot of my friends saying their fridge is not.
    I like how you have activities for older and younger kids. I can use it with both of my boys!

  2. I really liked how you incorporated prepositions and language in with the fun variety of snowflakes. Thank you! Carolyn

  3. what a fun idea!!! I may just have to do this (minus the magnets) since our fridge isn’t magnetic! i love all the textures!! my daughter would love this

  4. We have a similar tree in our playroom covered in craftstick snowflakes. I’ve never thought to do a whole bunch of different textures, how fun!

  5. Love the idea of being able to decorate the tree in snowflakes! Missing snow here this year so far…
    And love the teaching moments it brought for you!