Sugar String Pumpkin Craft Kids Can Make

This sugar string pumpkin craft turns out amazing and is surprisingly easy to make with kids. We are going to show you the simple steps to create a decorative pumpkin with just sugar, water and string. This sugar string crafting technique can be used for all sorts of crafty things with kids of all ages.

Imperial Sugar String Pumpkins to make with kids - Kids Activities Blog - 3 finished string pumpkin crafts shown on a Thanksgiving table
Let’s make decorative pumpkins out of sugar, water and string!

Sugar STring Pumpkin Craft

The project I am sharing today turned out AMAZING.  I am not even kidding.  My 7 y/o and I made them together and we are incredibly proud of the result and plan on decorating around them for Thanksgiving.

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Supplies Needed

Imperial Sugar String Pumpkin Steps

Directions to Make a Sugar String Pumpkin

  1. We blew up 5 balloons of various sizes.  I tried to keep the balloons round vs. egg-shaped since we are making pumpkins.
  2. Each balloon was wrapped with colored cotton crochet string.  We used brown and rust since our local craft store was out of a bright orange color.
  3. For the 5 balloons, I doubled the recipe and used 1 cup hot water & 2 cups of sugar.
  4. Once the sugar dissolved, we dipped the string-wrapped balloons into a large bowl of the sugar syrup rotating it around until all the string was well covered.
  5. Then we washed our hands because it is STICKY!
  6. We hung the balloons outside on our play set from additional string and watched them dry in the sun attracting neighborhood bees.  It took about 24 hours to dry.  If you are drying them inside, do it over a sink and use a fan to get the same result.
  7. Rhett was super excited to pop the balloons once the string was dry.  He pierced it with a pair of scissors and then pushed the balloon inward to detach it from the string.  The pop makes a fun noise, but so does the balloon contracting away from the sugar-attached string.
  8. We pulled the deflated balloon out of the top of the string pumpkin.
  9. I wrapped rafia pumpkin stems and placed one in the hole at the top of each string pumpkin.
  10. We placed them on the table for the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.
Imperial Sugar Sugared String Pumpkin Centerpiece

Finished Sugar STring Craft Project

It was that easy.  It was also very inexpensive – for the price of 2 cups of sugar and a little string & leftover rafia, we have a centerpiece!

We are already planning some sugar string Christmas ornaments.

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How did your sugar string pumpkins turn out?


  1. I made Easter egg decorations with my Day Care kids years ago this way. Such fun!

  2. I love this. I have never heard of doing this with sugar. Today my son and I tried it with yarn and glue. It is not dry yet so I don’t know if it turned out. I am happy to hear that someone else does lots of project with their kids and many of them are not really photo quality. My son and I do crafts often an few turn out beautiful (he is only 3). I love the time we spend creating and hope I am helping him to have wonderful memories. Anyways this is one I will have to try. I think we will make them smaller and create christmas ornament. Thanks for the post.

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