Mermaid Blankets are Adorable & I Need them All!

If you are going to be hanging out on the couch or laying around the house, you might as well be a mermaid! These mermaid tail blankets are cozy, soft and cuddly while being oh so cute! Escape your boring blankets into the fantasy world of mermaids.

Check out all the glittery, vibrant colors and magical fun that a mermaid blanket can bring to your every day life. Mermaid tails aren’t just for little girls, they come in an array of sizes including adult sizes!

Mermaid Tail Blankets You Can't Live without  - a selection of mermaid tail blankets shown on white background
So many cute mermaid blankets…so little time to nap!

Oh, and these make great mermaid gifts too for mermaid lovers of all sizes!

Top Mermaid Blankets We Love

When I first saw that mermaid blankets were actually real, I wondered why every blanket in the house wasn’t a mermaid blanket! How cute are these?

Mermaid blankets are created with a mermaid tail at the bottom and a looser opening for the upper body. The outer tail fabric usually looks like mermaid scales giving these cozy blankets a mermaid vibe.

I also love the soft blanket and ability to cuddle into these mermaid blankets like a sleeping bag. There is nothing worse than getting comfortable on the couch for an afternoon nap and the blanket keeps falling off. Mermaids are smart and have solved this non-mermaid blanket problem!

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Softan Mermaid blanket from Amazon shown in pink and blue
This is one of the most popular mermaid blankets on Amazon.

Softan Mermaid Blanket

The Softan Mermaid Tail Blanket for Teens & Adults has soft plush flannel fleece which makes it great for all seasons. Shown in a pink and blue ombre fish scale design it makes a great snuggle blanket. Other colors are available and it has been rated on Amazon over 4300 times with an average rating of 4.6. I like fleece blankets so that is why this is one of my top picks and is a good value for the price and has an upgraded option.

Barbie Mermaid Blanket from Amazon - child inside a mermaid blanket on a chair
Let’s cuddle up into a mermaid blanket from Barbie!

Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Tail Blanket

I couldn’t resist this super colorful mermaid blanket from Barbie. It is called blankie tails and is part of the Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Mermaid Sparkles Wearable Blanket line. It is double sided super soft and cozy rainbow mermaid Barbie minky fleece. <–That is a mouthful! It is machine washable and colorful fun for kids. This is sized for children.

Little kids will love the extra vibrant favourite colour blanket…especially if your favorite color is rainbow. The fin pieces are integrated with true Barbie style.

Amyhomie Mermaid Blanket Crochet for Kids from Amazon
Let’s cuddle into a crochet mermaid tail!

Crochet Mermaid Tail Blankets

This crocheted version of a Mermaid blanket comes in 10 colors and two sizes – one for kids and one for adults. It is the Amyhomie Mermaid Tail Blanket. I love the bright yarn colors and you get the nostalgic feeling of a crocheted blanket while looking just like a beautiful mermaid! The kids blanket size measures 55×28 inches and the adult mermaid blanket is 71×36 inches. The back and the sides of this blanket are open making it easy to get in and out.

This is not your grandma’s crochet blankets! The crocheted mermaid tail blanket is so pretty and vibrant and a very unexpected sofa afghan.

D DMY Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet from Amazon
This mermaid tail blanket crochet pattern looks like scales!

Crochet Scale Pattern Mermaid Blanket

This crochet mermaid tail blanket just looks and feels like a mermaid! I love the watery colors and the crochet pattern that resembles scales. It comes from D DMY and is a four seasons warm soft handmade sleeping bag for teens and adults with a size of 74×35 inches. It does have 5 different colors to choose from and is one of the most economical choices for buying a mermaid tail blanket.

Blankie Tails Mermaid fleece blankets for kids 5-12 from Amazon
Oh so many blankie tails choices and blankie tail colors!

Blankie Tails Mermaid Blankets

Blankie tails have a ton of choices for colors, sparkle level and sizes! They are wearable blankets that are double sided mermaid minky fleece in sizes for kids, adults, teens and even preschoolers. Choose from the 3 sizes and the 12 colors.

Oh what sweet mermaids! These make the perfect snuggle sacks of soft fabric and layers of plush fleece.

Toddler and Adult Mermaid Tail Blankets shown side by side from Amazon
Look at the difference in size from the little mermaid tail to the adult mermaid blanket!

Glittery Mermaid Blankets

Look how cute and glittery this pair of mermaid blankets are! The toddler mermaid tail blanket sits next to the adult version both in a purple and pink ombre pattern with glitter scales. Choose from several colors and three sizes of this soft flannel rainbow skin friendly fleece fabric of 100% polyester.

Let’s swaddle baby like a mermaid!

Baby Mermaid Blankets

Oh my goodness! This swaddle mermaid blanket for baby is just about the cutest mermaid thing EVER. It is a Simple Being Fish Swaddle Blanket which has adjustable wearable infant wrap set in soft cotton. It makes a great newborn receiving sleep sack and is unisex. The simple swaddle design lets you easily swaddle baby to look just like a sweet mermaid.

One is a pink mermaid tail and the other is a greenish blue mermaid tail making it a great choice for any fairy tale birth!

Newborn Mermaid Onside with long sleeves from Amazon
What a cute mermaid onsie!

Newborn Mermaid Onsie Wearable Light Mermaid Blanket

I just couldn’t resist one more baby mermaid blanket idea…the wearable light mermaid blanket onsie! This can be tied like shown above to look like a mermaid tail or left loose for baby to kick comfortably within the sleeping sack onsie gown. It is available in two colors.

More Mermaid Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Let’s keep the childhood dreams going with some more fin fun…

Which was your favorite mermaid blanket? Do you need more than one? <–Me too!

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