Mermaid Coloring Pages

Did anyone say mermaid coloring pages? We did! Grab our free mermaid coloring pages before they swim away {giggles}.

This printable pack includes two mermaid coloring pages for kids, adults, or anyone that loves mermaids, the sea, and folklore tales. Find your favorite coloring spot and let’s get started!

Our free mermaid coloring pages are at the end of this page, so keep scrolling…

The Kids Activities Blog coloring pages have been downloaded over 100K times in just the last year or two!

free mermaid coloring pages
Download and print these mermaid coloring pages for kids for a fun activity!

Free mermaid coloring pages

Both boys and girls love mermaids because of their beautiful singing and colorful tails. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love these beautiful half-human, half-fish creatures that live in the sea next to adorable fish!

One of the most famous tale mermaids is Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”, where a little mermaid wishes to be part of the human world. She rescues a human prince and falls in love with him, but in order to find him again, she trades her voice for legs.

Today, we are celebrating our love for mermaids with creative mermaid coloring pages.

If you love mermaids as much as we do, you’re going to have a blast with our cute mermaid coloring pages.

Let’s start with what you might need to enjoy this coloring sheet.

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This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

mermaid coloring pages
Free mermaid coloring pages!

Little mermaid coloring pages

Our first mermaid coloring page features a beautiful mermaid swimming under the sea, next to some fish. There are some rocks and algae and other things related to the sea. There are lots of empty spaces, which is perfect for young kids learning to color inside the lines, but this coloring page is also great for older kids that love mermaids.

Mermaid coloring pages
Beautiful mermaid tail coloring page!

Majestic Mermaid tail coloring page

Our second mermaid coloring page features a beautiful mermaid and her mesmerizing tail, sitting in front of a rainbow. What a scene! You can use anything sparkly to make her tail as beautiful as she is.

mermaid coloring pages
Our mermaid coloring page set is completely free and ready to be downloaded!

Download & Print Free Mermaid Coloring Pages Here:

Developmental Benefits of Coloring Pages

We may think of coloring pages as just fun, but they also have some really cool benefits for both kids and adults:

  • For kids: Fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination develop with the action of coloring or painting coloring pages. It also helps with learning patterns, color recognition, structure of drawing and so much more!
  • For adults: Relaxation, deep breathing and low-set up creativity are enhanced with coloring pages.

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Did you enjoy the free mermaid coloring pages?

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