DIY Unwinding Pillow Spray Inspires Restful Slumber

I love making this unwinding pillow spray with pure essential oils to help me relax at night and improve my sleep quality with a homemade sleep mist. My kids really love it, too! It’s incredibly easy to make and the blend of lavender oil we chose is really soothing.

lavender pillow spray diy in a glass bottle with white cap and blue label with a moon and stars on it.
Let’s make our own pillow spray for a restful sleep!

Homemade Lavender Sleep Spray

If you are a restless sleeper, this is for you! A good night’s rest is the ultimate beauty secret. A recent study from the National Sleep Foundation says that 35.2% of all adults in the U.S. have insufficient sleep – less than seven hours per night. When we enter REM sleep, our brain waves and deep breaths tend to slow down which is an important role in making you feel refreshed and alert the next day.

If you have a hard time falling asleep, you might benefit from the best pillow sprays made with a blend of essential oils! For this recipe, we used lavender essential oil but you can combine it with some drops of ylang-ylang essential oil and marjoram oil.

Our deep sleep pillow spray is easy to make and the perfect addition to your nighttime routine thanks to its soothing ingredient. While you can use this as a room spray, I love the better sleep I get when it is sprayed on the bed linens including my pillow case. I also call it the “deep sleep spray” because it helps me and my little ones get a good night’s sleep because of its sedative effect.

This would be a really great gift to make for friends and family and there is a printable calming spray label at the bottom of this article.

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Essential Oil Pillow Spray

Essential oils have so many great purposes! Each scent is used for various things whether it is for cleaning or benefiting the body. This particular pillow spray uses lavender oil.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most common plants used in aromatherapy oils. The fragrance from this flower extract helps promote calmness in the nervous system, helps create a sense of peace and a calming environment, and enhances general wellness by reducing anxiety and stress. Lavender’s calming properties are legendary for creating a relaxing environment. It is a soothing scent after a long day and a natural sleep aid that can inspire peaceful slumber.

Which is why it makes a good option for a pillow spray for your bedtime routine!

Lavender in its flower form and oil form in a glass bottle
Lavender also has one of the best smells ever.

DIY Unwinding Pillow Spray

This diy pillow mist is so easy to make and it is quick to make too!

Supplies Needed To Make Lavender Pillow Spray

DIY pillow spray made of lavender in a glass bottle with blue label that has a moon and stars on it.
Spray this blend every night before bed.

How To Make Lavender Pillow Spray

Step 1

Mix the witch hazel and essential oils together first.

Step 2

Then, add your water.

Step 3

Use a funnel or just pour directly from a measuring cup with a spout into the bottle. It’s that simple!

The Lavender oil is known for its relaxing effects. You can use this oil in a diffuser, a bath, massage into your scalp or with several of our essential oils DIY’s. This is one of our most loved oils!

Free Printable For Your Essential Oil Pillow Mist

Make sure you also grab this free printable as well. This way you can label your bottle for ease or as a label when you make this as a gift for a loved one or friend.

Trust me, they’ll love it as much as we do!

DIY Unwinding Pillow Spray
Print the label and give this spray away as a gift!

DIY Unwinding Pillow Spray

DIY Unwinding Pillow Spray

I love making this unwinding pillow spray to help and my kids relax at night. The smell of lavender helps us all fall right to sleep.


  • 1/2 oz of witch hazel
  • 2 oz of water
  • 15 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • Small glass spray bottle


  1. Mix the witch hazel and essential oils together first. 
  2. Then, add your water.
  3. Use a funnel or just pour directly from a measuring cup with a spout into the bottle.

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