These Parents Ditched Traditional Chore Money and Started Charging Their Kids For Snacks To Teach Them About Currency

Every single parenting method is different and I think we all just try to do what is best for our children.

Well, these parents decided that they would ditch the traditional chore chart and chore money and opt for something unique and different.

It is so different than many parents have expressed concern and even seem to be upset over it.

Parents D.L. Peavy and Erica Peavy posted their non-traditional chore chart on Facebook saying:

“I stoped giving my kids actual money it’s important that they learn the value of currency It works…”

D.L. Peavy

They clean their rooms the they get paid every area of the house is worth money. Erica PeavyD.L. Peavy made everything $500 bucks?We don’t give our kids junk food regularly so they working extra hard

I stoped giving my kids actual money it’s important that they learn the value of currency It works… They clean their…

Posted by D.L. Peavy on Monday, February 15, 2021

So, the idea is that the kids complete the household chores and are paid in Monopoly Money instead of cash.

The kids can then use the Monopoly money to pay for snacks that are worth a certain amount.

These parents say they are helping teach their kids the value of currency.

Some parents find this idea genius while others are saying it’s wrong or they are just giving their kids junk food.

I’ve seen other parents do this sort of a chore chart/reward system too. This dad even has amounts listed for tv and game time.

Arthur King

As a parent, I like this idea but I also like giving my kids actual money.

In our house we teach our kids to save and spend. We also teach them to use their money to give to others. So, Monopoly money alone wouldn’t work for us.

What do you think? Is this a great idea?

And if you are looking for a Chore Chart grab our Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids Here.

Chore chart based on age

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