My kids came up with a new flavor of blender ice cream that everyone in the family can agree on! Calling this a “recipe” might make it sound a little more complicated than it actually is when you make the ice cream. My goal was to get some veggies in the kids in a way that they could have some fun while…getting some veggies in the kids!

two girls making veggie ice cream in the blender - the blender has ice cream, oranges, spinach and blueberries in it.
What was the final flavor of veggie blender ice cream?

Why Blueberry Orange Spinach Blender Ice Cream?

Inspired by our playing of Toca Kitchen, we went to the store and I let each kiddo pick an ingredient to include in our morning of cooking.  

One kiddo got pineapple icecream… another kiddo got clementine oranges.  

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We raided our cabinets and fridge for other ingredients.  We found turnips, carrots, maple syrup, blueberries, green onions, spinach, almond butter and jam.

The kids took turns taste testing the foods together until they came up with a combination they liked… they both agreed.  The ice cream was going to be the staple ingredient!

They chopped, they cooked on low with ingredients in a sauce pan (what happens when you fry ice cream?  A sticky mess!), and eventually they decided on making their own new flavor of ice cream: Blueberry Orange Ice Cream – topped with shavings of spinach!

from above the making of the blender ice cream with children's hands adding fruits to the ice cream base
Let’s make Blueberry Orange Spinach blender ice cream!

Blueberry Orange Spinach Blender Ice Cream

After much testing, the kids decided that a combination of pineapple ice cream, peeled oranges, blue berries and chopped spinach was the best combination.

They filled the blender up with all their ingredients, covered their ears and turned it on!

Once they had the ingredients blended as much as they wanted they poured it back into the ice cream tub and put it back in the freezer so it could get hard again.

The kids all agreed, veggie ice cream was a smashing success! 

bowl full of finished blender ice cream on a blue plate with a spoon
Yum! Let’s make veggie blender ice cream!

Ice Cream Ingredients per serving:

  • 1 cup of ice cream – we used a pineapple ice cream flavor
  • 1/2 orange peeled & segmented
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup spinach
  • (As needed) liquid – orange juice, milk or whatever is in the fridge!

How to Make Blueberry Orange Spinach Blender Ice Cream

  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth – add liquid as needed if your ice cream is super frozen. (**Stop right here if you want to have a new kinda smoothie recipe!**)
  3. Freeze blender concoction until firm.
  4. Eat!
two glasses of homemade ice cream
Let’s eat veggie blender ice cream!

Choose Your Own Ice Cream Adventure

This project not only involves kids cooking, but tasting & experimenting. It is a great way for kids to explore the scientific method in the kitchen. They are learning about problem solving without even thinking about it.

What fruits and vegetables would your kids choose? Could they come up with a new flavor of ice cream that is your family’s signature flavor?

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What flavor ice cream did your kids create?

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